More Than Enough.

A few months ago, I made a resolve to watch this video at least once every day. Hasn’t happened. Life gets in the way. I have committed to do better. The message is for women. However, there is a similar video for the men in our lives. I have shared it a few times, and feel the need to do so now. Don’t know why. But I am sure, someone needs to hear it.

I want  everyone, within the reach of this blog, to know you are enough. More than enough. I want you to stop listening to the voices, and people, who tell you otherwise. If you chose to let your mistakes define you, you’re wasting time. A valuable and precious commodity, you will never get back. Let them go. Rise above them. I know this is tremendously difficult. A daily struggle for many of us. We cant un do the past. However, when it calls, let it go to voicemail, as it has nothing new to say!

You are never too much. In any area of your life. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Always. You are worth more than you realise. The people who truly care and love you, will do so, no matter what mistakes you make. They will recognise you’ve walked a different and difficult path. They will know, like them, your life has had its struggles. Hang in there.

I can’t begin to explain, the strength this video gives me. Every time I watch it, I feel empowered. Renewed, and supported. I hope you do too.

Until the next post,





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