An Attitude Of Gratitude ’12

Monday 28th November, 2011.

Yesterday, I attended a Single Adult Fireside organised by the Stake. A fitting way to end an afternoon spent with friends. And new acquaintances. The Stake Presidency chaired an open discussion on gratitude. Coincidentally, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday. During the fireside, we watched a video clip. Producers asked New Yorkers to tell viewers what they were grateful for. Later, we were invited to do the same. We were also reminded of the story of the ten lepers. Healed by the Saviour.However, only one returned to give thanks. On my way home, I thought of the gratitude journal I try to keep. Try being the operative word. My intent for this page is to do just that. Find something each day for which I am grateful. No matter how small. And share this with you.

I can’t promise to post every day. I will to add to the list daily. And update as  time permits. Hopefully the idea catches on with some of my followers. You might not need a journal. Time is precious. However, you can keep a “mental filing cabinet”. If you will. Let’s  face it. Sometimes it is easier to focus on what is not right. Perfect. And ideal. A gratitude journal helps me to realise how much I do have. I refer to it often when I think that life could not get much worse. Eric Hoffer said ” The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings”

Today, I am grateful for the knowledge that the “greatest being in the universe,the father of my spirit” is concerned about my wellbeing. And loves me.

Tuesday 29th : Technology. In this case, my trusted magic jack device. My family is thousands of miles away. Without the ability to connect with them at any time, life would be much, much harder.

Wednesday 30th: Free healthcare. Having worked in the medical profession for more than 5 years, I know firsthand how ridiculously expensive it is. Saw the Dr today. Not a penny out-of-pocket! No, it’s not a perfect system. However, I am not about to look a gift horse in the mouth:).

Thursday 1st : The power of prayer! To soothe the heart. Provide comfort. And so much more.

Friday 2nd : People who care enough to go the extra mile. In this instance completing a reference without hesitation

Saturday 3rd : Clarity. And the peace of mind it brings.

Sunday 4th : Forming new friendships.

Monday 5th : The ability to re-evaluate priorities.

Tuesday 6th : Sharing in a family member’s good news!

Wednesday 7th : When hard work begins to pay off.

Thursday 8th : The feeling you get when someone looks out for you.

Friday 9th : A dawn of a new day = new possibilities.

Saturday 10th : Spending time with friends.

Sunday 11th : The liberties I am free to enjoy.

Monday 12th : Being a part of a creative group.

Tuesday 13th : The joy of seeing my MSc degree on paper!

Wednesday 14th : Friends who care.

Thursday 15th : The realization of a dream: my mom immigrated to the USA today!

Friday 16th : You know you’re happy when you will get extra money.

Saturday 17th : The simple joy of sleeping in

Sunday 18th : When kids say the “darndest” things!

Monday 19th : The joys of anticipation.

Tuesday 20th : Travelling safely.

Wednesday 21st: When you meet someone with the patience of a Saint.

Thursday 22nd : Communication that brings a smile to your face!

Friday 23rd : The ability to see things for what they are, rather than the way I want them to be.

Saturday 24th :  When people go out of their way to show they really care.

Sunday 25th : When friends reach out.

Monday 26th : Grocery delivery service!

Tuesday 27th : The simple words : ” I love you”

Wednesday 28th : When friends take the place of family

Thursday 29th : A good laugh 🙂

Friday 30th : When you finally figure out who someone truly is

Saturday 31st: All that I accomplished this year.

Sunday 1st: The dawn of a new year

Monday 2nd : Perspective and clarity

Tuesday 3rd :  A sister to confide in

Wednesday 4th : Friends who support and uplift

Thursday 5th : When a stranger makes sacrifices to help

Friday 6th : “Take time for thyself”

Saturday 7th : When artists help each other

Sunday 8th : Confusion is erased!

Monday 9th : The kindnes of coworkers

Tuesday 10th : Being appreciated for your hard work

Wednesday 11th : A first : my book teaser came is out!

Thursday 12th : The feeling you get when you somehow know everything will be okay

Friday 13th : Major problem solved

Saturday 14th : Saved in the knick of time

Sunday 15th : Being dragged out of my comfort zone

Monday 16th : knowing you are being watched over

Tuesday 17th : Understanding and patient people

Wednesday 18th : Receiving an email with the words : “Congratulations! Your book is published”

Thursday 19th : Forever friends

Friday 20th : Receiving an email from a former professor

Saturday 21st : The answer is yes

Sunday 22nd : When actions do speak louder than words

Monday 23rd : A break!

Tuesday 24th : Time to be alone with my thoughts

Wednesday 25th : Closing down shoe sales at 50% off 🙂

Thursday 26th : When you know someone, who knows someone

Friday 27th : The person who invented the internet

Saturday 28th : When a compliment makes your entire day!

Sunday 29th : Dinner with friends

Monday 30th : Opportunity to improve my foreign language skills

Tuesday 31st : My friends in the USA.

 Weds 1st : Information super highway & SKYPE

Thurs 2nd : Being invited to a worldwide event

Friday 3rd: The fed ex driver : my author copies, and seeing them for the first time.

Sat 4th : Every bit helps

Sun 5th : Time to regroup

Mon 6th : Family

Tues 7th : Meeting someone who totally surprises you

Wed 8th : Eye opening experiences

Thurs 9th: The help of random strangers

Frid 10th: Being asked to share your talents x 2

Sat 11th: Compliments from the heart

Sun 12th : Being reminded that there is a God

Mon 13th : My father

Tues 14th : Being lonely, but knowing that I am not alone.

Wed 15th : The feeling you get when a plan hatches

Thurs 16th : Second chances

Fri 17th : Unexpected acts of kindness

Sat 18th : The make up session after an argument

Sun 19th : The magic of SKYPE

Mon 20th: Compliments that make you blush

Tues 21st : Unexpected blessings

Wed 22nd : A listening ear

Thurs 23rd : When someone places their trust in you

Fri 24th : To be alive

Sat 25th : Intuition

Sun 26th : The extra “milers”

Mon 27th : A warm bed

Tues 28th : The medicine called laughter

Wed 29th : Seeing your work featured on a site.

Thurs 1st : When the higher uppers compliment you on a job well done

Fri 2nd : Friends who genuinely care

Sat 3rd : Honest and open communication

Sun 4th : Super cool websites, and the friends kind enough to share

Mon 5th : Having someone to talk to

Tues 6th : When people  listen

Wed 7th : The honesty of an unknown stranger

Thurs 8th : To be a part of something amazing

Fri 9th : Good news after a difficult week

Sat 10th :Time to recharge my batteries

Sun 11th : A church to belong to

Mon 12th : Knowing you made the right decision not to burn a certain bridge

Tues 13th: The lessons of life

Wed 14th : The realization that I have what I need

Thurs 15th : The moment I got my passport returned after 2 mths!

Fri 16th : Receiving my BRP in the mail..yeah 🙂

Sat 17th : The “AHA” moments in life

Sun 18th : The awareness that clarity brings

Mon 19th : Extra cash

Tues 20th : The knowledge that “good things fall apart, so better can come together”

Wed 21st : Reconnecting with good friends

Thur 22nd : The opportunity to Visit Teach

Fri 23rd : A prayer answered for my mother

Sat 24th : Ridiculously great weather!

Sun 25th : A lift vs walking. Thanks Laura!

Mon 26th : The cleansing effect tears has on the soul.

Tues 27th : When your mom knows you need to hear her voice

Wed 28th : The one who said thanks (Jamie)

Thurs 29th : 1 year later. The first anniversary of this blog

Fri 30th : Chance meetings (keeping my fingers crossed)

Sat 31st: I got multiple hugs from HF today!

Sun 1st : General Conference!

Mon 2nd : The kind and tender mercies of the Lord.

Tues 3rd: When someone answers your prayers without knowing it! And laughing until it hurts (RS meeting)

Wed 4th : Bev Trumpet

Thurs 5th : Getting rid of emotional baggage!

Fri 6th : My first book review on Amazon! Thanks Marta Jorge

Sat 7th : Making contact with another SVP volunteer: Rebecca Manlinson.

Sun 8th : Receiving confirmation from Royce

Mon 9th : Quick thinking caps and H&R Block

Tues 10th : Back plans and the SVP

Wed 11th : Getting your moneys worth and the CV overhaul

Thurs 12th : The chance to volunteer at the homeless shelter

Fri 13th : Chindeepinlife has surpassed the 1000+ views to the site

Sat 14th : Help, healing, and letting go of the past

Sun 15th : DNA church today. Grateful for the ones who checked up on me(Sanae,Tessa,Laura,Claire).

Mon 16th : Members of the church in Bath for lending a hand in a big way.

Tues 16th: Louise: the Passionate about Flowers shop owner on Lower Bristol Road in Bath!! (there is a neat story behind this)

Wed 18th : Safety in travels (after a journey of 141 miles each way, on buses,trains,underground,walking, and car)

Thurs 19th : Another birthday = another year of experience. Done and dusted!

Fri 20th: Encouraging news from the good doctor.

Sat 21st: Grateful for the thoughtfulness of Laura Zambito and Tessa Proudfoot (offering lifts to Ipswich for conf)

Sun 22nd: Clare (Bath R.S) president

Mon 23rd: When someone says they love you and truly mean it

Tues 24th : Answered prayers. Second, the BEST belated b’day present = new beginnings.

Wed 25th: Hearing your mom’s voice

Thur 26th : Receiving money that’s owed to you!

Fri 27th : When an email from a parent brightens your day.

Sat 28th : Moving on and new adventures.

Sun 29th: My mom lives to see another year

Mon 30th : Brian and Susan Watling.

Tues 1st : Learning to accept help, and the humility it brings

Wed 2nd: Being reminded of how fragile life is (due to the passing of a dear friend)

Thurs 3rd : Email from Joy 🙂

Fri 4th: End of a long famine

Sat 5th : Waking up with a smile

Sun 6th : Bishop Dixon

Mon 7th : Reference letter from landlords

Tues 8th : When a friend goes the extra mile (flat hunting)

Wed 9th : When technology saves time and money

Thurs 10th : A place to live in Bath (finally)

Fri 11th : When people make extraordinary sacrifices on your behalf (the relocation process to Bath)

Sat 12th : Arriving safely in Bath

Sun 13th : When another person is happy to be around you.

Mon 14th : Starting a new job and all that comes with it

Tues 15th : Being forgiven for a sharp tongue

Wed 16th : Cool workmates

Thurs 17th : Learning to discipline myself aka adjusting to a new city!

Fri 18th: Sandra’s email = a flood of great memories

Sat 19th: Miss you x

Sun 20th : Survived my first week in Bath

Mon 21st: A manager who understands!

Tues 22nd : Internet after almost 2 weeks without it 🙂

Wed 23rd : Being forced to live outside your comfort zone (wk, new job etc)

Thurs 24th : Receiving a lot more money than you were expecting 🙂

Fri 25th : The grocery delivery man!

Sat 26th : Knowing you are missed and the fluffy feelings it brings 🙂

Sun 27th : When a reader takes the time to compliment my work

Mon 28th : Leiana for fwding my mails : always so gracious and kind

Tues 29th : Emails which remind you someone is always in your corner (Bev)

Wed 30th : When a worker goes above their job description (Hays and the P60)

Thurs 31st : Paul, for saving me from the laundromat, and everything else really.

Fri 1st : Expressions of caring and concern

Sat 2nd : New directions and the promise it brings (Misra)

Sun 3rd: Days when you lie in bed and read ALL day

Mon 4th : Catching up with Sanae

Tues 5th : Charlie  (housemate) and Sue Watling for going out of their way

Wed 6th : Perfect dates!

Thurs 7th : Emails which offer support and encouragement (dad)

Fri 8th : Learning to accept things the way they are.

Sat 9th : When you realise enough is enough

Sun 10th : The welcome received by the church members in Bath

Mon 11th : Catching the bus and train on time

Tues 12th : Fun times with Leah K.

Wed 13th : Renewed confidence (wk)

Thurs 14th : A lift home during the rain. Thanks George!

Fri 15th : Finally. I found and met a black hairdresser in Bristol.

Sat 16th : Getting important errands done in the nick o’ time.

Sun 17th: The lessons of life. I cannot learn them any other way.

Mon 18th: When a plan comes together/clearer picture of the future (Misra).

Tues 19th: Feeling the strength and support of my family thousands of miles away.

Wed 20th: Inspiration and decisions about the future.

Thurs 21st: Again, thank you George! I am grateful.

Fri 22nd: Dreams can come through. One of which is the HEAT winning!

Sat 23rd: Good weather to explore the city! #2 Keeping my emotions in check (housemate)

Sun 24th: When a friend lightens a load by listening.

Mon 25th : When a product  exceeds your expectations (a 20 quid W/M that works!) 

Tues 26th :Knowing what you have to do, and finally making the decision to do it!

Wed 27th: The “monkey off my back”..sigh..that oh-so-light-on-top-of-the-world-feeling!!

Thur 28th : Health and strength!

Fri 29th: I was able to keep it together,under trying circumstances (short staff, and even shorter fuses of the S/U’s)

Sat 30th : First time on a horse today; all my parts still intact.

Sun 1st: Grateful I have a family that loves me!

Mon 2nd: Got three different vaccines; grateful the soreness isn’t worse. Second: bittersweet news from the dr!

Tues 3rd: Standing my ground and holding others accountable

Wed 4th : A very lovely evening (dinner,bowling, and krispy kreme)

Thur 5th:The ability to show restraint. The alternative?  Strangling someone and getting locked up!

Fri 6th: The pure and simple joy of countdowns 🙂

Sat 7th : Days when you get a lot accomplished

Sun 8th : Perfect days (brunch,movie,naps, and happy endings)

Mon 9th : Orr and first class flying!!!!!!!!

Tues 10th : End of the day convos that puts a smile on your face (P)

Wed 11th :When an employee goes beyond their job description (Geraldine at the hair store)

Thurs 12th : Good work days that make up for the bad ones

Fri 13th : Perfect ending to a horrible day (great company,dinner,comedy, and dance)

Sat 14th : Relaxing moments

Sun 15th: A comment, although harsh, it makes you think twice about a situation and person

Mon 16th : Grateful for this knowledge: some people are alive because it is illegal to kill them!

Tues 17th : Cool date nights. And the number 3, as in three more days 🙂

Wed 18th : Legendary PJA + great heights= magic.

Thurs 19th : Grateful this surreal day is over!

Friday 20th : Last day at work; yes I am very,very grateful for that!

Sat 21st: Tax overpayment refund came in the mail. Thanks Susan in Colchester!

Sun 22nd: Just THREE more sleeps before I am back in the USA!!

Mon 23rd: Jabs,dr,dentist, and came out in one piece!

Tues 24th : The opportunity to meet the Sudanese ambassador to the UK!

Wed 25th : When a conflict is partly resolved. P

Thurs 26th : Flying First Class for the first time = awesome!!

Fri 27th : Time with the Boston fam.

Sat 28th : Arriving safely in NY despite the bad weather.

Sun 29th: Spending time with my mom

Mon 30th: Eleanor at Beth Israel (giving my an earlier apt)

Tues 31st: Air Conditioning, how I have missed thee!

Wed 1st: A W&D. Translation: no line or radiator drying!

Thur 2nd: Free things: a month of free landline calls from SKYPE

Fri 3rd: Reconnecting with family and friends!

Sat 4th: Time to write, learn a new language, and get caught up on reading.

Sun 5th: Being in a SA ward!!

Mon 6th: More time to prepare for my role with SVP

Tues 7th: Money to buy more books for my kindle.

Wed 8th: Mom is making progress!

Thurs 9th : One major hurdle out-of-the-way (Masshealth)

Fri 10th: The simple things: not having to go to the store/library to print documents.

Sat 11th: Nordics and Callister : for taking such good care of me.

Sun 12th : A genuine, unexpected compliment (“You are beautiful!”) which makes your day.

Mon 13th: The knowledge that someone trusts you completely.P

Tues 14th: Life. And it’s ever changing moments.

Wed 15th: The kind blogger (Emeraldlakesfreepress) who shared a post and increased traffic to my site

Thurs 16th : Patience and processes (Adhoc)

Fri 17th : Graduate supervisor for being willing to give a reference

Sat 18th : The feeling you get when your writing will help someone

Sun 19th: A dear friend (FH) finally got the desires of her heart

Mon 20th : Friends who reach out

Tues 21st: Back up plans and options. Good news from Misra

Wed 22nd : Listening and the “nick-o-time” (Wendy’s drive through)

Thurs 23rd : Opportunity to give service (Boys & Girls Club)

Fri 24th : Hearing mom’s voice and knowing she is safe (after the shooting in NY)

Sat 25th : Horns.Yep. Without it, a rather careless driver would have backed into me.

Sun 26th : Becqui and Karen @ CRW for their kindness

Mon 27th : When my friends are happy and fulfilled (babies, engagements,second chances etc)

Tues 28th : One door closes and another opens

Wed 29th : Valuable information ( Thursday night discussion groups)

Thur 30th : Advice and a good word in (Karen W)

Fri 31st : When an ad gets a hit ( sittercity); an opening for mom.

Sat 1st: Safe arrival in NY

Sun 2nd: Aunt’s hospitality

Mon 3rd: When disagreements are settled

Tues 4th: Insurance! Finally.

Wed 5th: When one door closes (money saved)

Thurs 6th : Memories! P/J

Fri 7th : My father’s generosity

Sat 8th : Learning curves

Sun 9th : Knowing I have all that I NEED

Mon 10th : Callie, the human compass

Tues 11th : Bittersweet news from Burgin. Not the best, but grateful it’s not worse!

Wed 12th: Family support during difficult times

Thur 13th : Mom; returning to school and taking IT classes

Fri 14th : The folks looking out for mom in NYC

Sat 15th : The simple things in life

Sun 16th : Blogging!

Mon 17th : GPS (especially in a new city)

Tues 18th : The opportunity to volunteer with Amirah

Wed 19th : Health insurance!!

Thur 20th : Finding sites on the internet that improves your life 🙂

Fri 21st : Friends who keep in touch, like Bev

Sat 22nd: I understand the meaning of this quote:”Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere”. Today.

Sun 23rd : The guardian angel (s), watching over me on THREE separate occasions while driving today. Wow.

Mon 24th : Being reminded the Lord is mindful of me always

Tues 25th: Listening to the spirit. The result of which is a job interview.

Wed 26th : Laughing until it hurts (mom’s back to school stories)

Thurs 27th : Access to healthcare

Fri 28th : My talents and abilities

Sat 29th :  It’s been cold lately. I’m grateful I have a roof over my head

Sun 30th : The spirit I felt in church today ( daily bread and eagle story)

Mon 1st : Emotional cleansing.

Tues 2nd: Arriving at my interview on time and without incident.

Wed 3rd:Amanda I in NJ; for giving mom an opportunity to prove herself.

Thur 4th: The kind technologist at Lawrence Mem. Hospital. Thank you.

Fri 5th:The trials in life (not when they’re happening), but the lessons I always learn

Sat 6th & Sun 7th: The entire GC weekend. Especially talks by Eyring, Holland,Utchdorf, Packer, and Monson.

Mon 8th: The simple things in life, like foot massages.

Tues 9th: A mother’s love. Especially when it’s really needed.

Wed 10th: Hope. After very difficult days

Thur 11th: Abdullah; for once again thinking about me.

Fri 12th: Every consideration received from Heather T (Beacon)

Sat 13th: Conquering my demons with Dr .W

Sun 14th: Bishop Neilson’s love and support

Mon 15th: Epiphanies

Tues 16th: Bev; I really needed our talk today.

Wed 17th: Listening to the Spirit = a contact with Ann @ the YMCA

Thur 18th:  FB msgs which remind you people care

Fri 19th: Harriett Friedman. And every contribution towards making the group a success.

Sat 20th: Dr W for helping me to see the results of my actions

Sun 21st: Being called on to give to a worthwhile cause (Amirah)

Mon 22nd : Catching up with Feyi

Tues 23rd: The power of laughter (childhood memories and pictures)

Wed 24th :  Being part of the formative stages of a new theater group!

Thurs 25th: Spending time with Susy and her sweet baby Kai. Now, I want one of my own 🙂

Fri 26th: Patty Farino, and the YMCA opportunity

Sat 27th: Great bargains and money saved

Sun 28th : The Spirit at Stake Conf ( having “What will you have me do prayers)

Mon 29th : Being kept safe through the storm.

Tues 30th : Volunteering at BOL = which is a reminder to be grateful for the small things.

Wed 31st : Dr Barton! My new hero 🙂

Thurs 1st:  A roof over my head. Especially when the Sandy has left so many homeless

Fri 2nd : When a virtual stranger expresses concern for your welfare (Mohammed)

Sat 3rd: matter how slow and painful (Dr W)

Sun 4th: Grateful for Karen (RS Counselor). 

Mon 5th : Joy H. at NE-Arc. We’ve never met. But thank you for your kindness today. You went the extra mile

Tues 6th: Small miracles. Waived bank fees. Grateful for your help, Jasmine.

Wed 7th: The photog who kindly took our group pics today

Thur 8th: Again, Patty at YMCA for looking out for my interests

Fri 9th: Basement bargains (Kohl’s)

Sat 10th: PA. For always being there when it matters. Thank you.

Sun 11th: Sometimes, a simple hug makes a huge difference.

Mon 12th: Being alive.

Tues 13th: Becoming an Amirah Ambassador (soon)

Wed 14th : Sincere compliments which brightens your day.

Thurs 15th: Thank you Patrick Parker for selecting my story!

Fri 16th: The progress of Daytime Players! We’re now on fb.

Sat 17th: Karen Wanton for allowing me to give to Parent University

Sun 18th: Patience. I’m learning it

Mon 19th: Feel good days. They cancel out the bad ones

Tues 20th : Answered prayers. Two leads in two days

Wed 21st: The simple things, like not waiting at the Dr’s office.

Thurs 22nd: Thanksgiving! Enough said.

Fri 23rd : Saving money. Especially when it’s in short supply.

Sat 24th: Laura Z. Needed to read your message today.

Sun 25th: Seeing your friends happy in the service of others.

Mon 26th: When friends check in, because they’re concerned for your wellbeing

Tues 27th:  Thank you Elders, for stepping in as usual.

Wed 28th: Ann Caruzzo. For understanding.And being willing to change your schedule.

Thurs 29th: Laughter. Tis the best medicine.

Fri 30th: The incredibly kind technician at Wakefield Hospital. You’re a gem.

decemberSat 1st: Time well spent. With Nords.

Sun 2nd : A delicious and hot meal. Thanks again Nords.

Mon 3rd: Facebook support. For a new venture

Tues 4th: Julie at YMCA. For making the first day a breeze

Wed 5th: My time on earth.

Thurs 6th: Saw a woman rummaging through rubbish bins today. Very grateful I have food to eat

Fri 7th: Grateful and happy my sis got one of her wishes.

Sat 8th : Mistakes that result in great things. Kohl’s.

Sun 9th: Easy days

Mon 10th: The excitement a new venture brings (starting a book club).

Tues 11th: Epiphanies! And the power they give you to see people and things in a new light

Wed 12th: The knowledge that you deserve better than you’re getting!

Thurs 13th : Making it through tough days.

Fri 14th: As the nation mourns the tragedy in CT, I’m grateful good still exists around us.

Sat 15th: Easy breezy returns and no long lines.

Sun 16th: Thank you Peter & Francis, for thinking of me. Your card brought tears to my eyes!

Mon 17th: Receiving good news emails EPIK

Tues 18th: Anita Zavodska; for always being willing to help

Wed 19th: A week late; but grateful for good news from Dr Rubenstein!

Thurs 20th: Thanks again Nords. For taking care of us.

Fri 21st: Modern medicine; especially on days when you really need them.

Sat 22nd : The knowledge that when one door closes , another opens (SVP & EPIK).

Sun 23rd: It’s been very cold lately. Grateful I’ve got access to a car to get around.

Mon 24th: The presence of earth angels like A Zavodska in my life!

Tues 25th: The blessing of seeing another Christmas

Wed 26th: The knowledge that everything happens for a reason (No SVP for a bit)

Thurs 27th: Good news emails : See you Sat at 5:45pm 🙂

Fri 28th: Nords, for your act of kindness you’ll do tmrw.

Sat 29th: When someone goes to extreme lengths to show how much they care

Sun 30th: Easy Sundays with loved ones

Mon 31st: Everything this year has taught me. The people I’ve met. Experiences etc


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