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Family.Friends. Followers. Supporters. Visitors. The curious. This blog page is dedicated to keeping everyone up-to- date on the production and publication of my first book of poetry. Earlier this year, I asked you to vote on the name. There were many to choose from. The decision was difficult. I thought it was fitting to enlist your help with the process.I owe you a debt of gratitude.”Have a Read on Me” received the most votes. I wanted the book to become available by the end of September 2011. Then came summer.Exams.Dissertation.Moving.Life. Well, here we are. I look forward to hearing from you. One thing off my bucket list. There is a direct link to my facebook page. Go to my homepage, and under Blogroll click on “First Taste”.
Like it.Follow it.Watch it. And of course, please share it.

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Saturday December 10th, 2011 (Publication Update)

First draft of the cover. Description needs polishing.

Production on my book was delayed. For a few weeks. The wrong manuscript was edited/proof read. Yes. Translation: someone fell asleep. At their desk. All is well now. I approved the changes and suggestions of the copy editor. The process continues to move forward. By all accounts, it seems that “Have a Read On Me” will be available by the end of January 2012. So. Keep all fingers,toes, and eyes crossed. I hope this means it’s all systems go from here.  Thank you for your love. Encouragement. Friendship. And support. For travelling along this journey with me. Don’t forget to have your friends like my Facebook page. You could win a free, autographed copy. Good luck. And best wishes.

Until the next update…



Monday December 26th, 2011

FYI : if you do not receive updates from my Facebook page, two winners were chosen at random to win two, free autographed copies of my book when it hits store shelves. Congratulations are in order for Marta Jorge and Ana Morla, both “Miamians”! You could be one of the next two winners. It’s totally free. No gimmicks. Nor Games. Have your friends like the space. Next drawing will take place when the “likes” hit 100. Watch this space and Facebook for future happenings. Best wishes to you and your family for the years ahead. May we all be blessed with every good thing.

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Thursday January 5th, 2012

The final cover and interior proofs have been approved. I also purchased the KDP~ Kindle Digital Platform e-reader. Have a Read On Me has now been moved into the Pre Media phase. This is the last review by my Production Supervisor and Manager . Errors are checked one last time in preparation for printing, and typically takes 4-5 days. The book will then enter a printing queue, books typically stay here for 14 days depending on how many books are ahead of mine. During this time the Quality Control department then conducts reviews to make sure it passes certain physical standards. The QC process varies between 1-5 days. Taken together, if all goes well and the book does not have to be sent back to the Pre Media phase, we are looking at the finished product by the end of January. So, I am hoping that all goes well, and the book lives up to everyone’s expectations!

Again, thanks for allowing me to take you on this rather remarkable journey! I love this quote by Walt Disney : ” All our dreams can come through, if we have the courage to pursue them”. My next adventure/dream is months away :).

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Thursday January 12th, 2012

A first! My book teaser was emailed to me today. Of course with this exciting development, I wasted no time in posting it on YouTube and Facebook. When viewing, remember what it is. A teaser of things to come! Almost 50 views and counting (when this is written). I owe you a debt of gratitude for all your support.

Until the next update..here is a quote that I love : ” A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams” John Barrymore.



Wednesday 18th January, 2012

Tonight, I arrived home tired. Cold. Hungry. Another day dusted off my feet.Ready to eat. Shower. Grab some hot chocolate. And curl up in bed with my kindle. I was intent on reading another chapter of Breakfast with Socrates, a rather philosophically enlightening read recommended by a friend. He is well read. I trust his judgement on book reviews.  His blog can be found here Paul.

One more task remained. Checking my email for anything urgent. I opened an email from my publisher Outskirts Press, which read : Congratulations, Juan! Your book is published! Imagine my elation. My delight. Utter happiness. A list of emotions I have yet to describe. Can’t remember the last time an email brought so many to the surface.

With the publication of my first anthology of poems, comes my own author’s website. This has been years in the making. I caught the writing bug as a high school student more than two decades ago. The family moved often. As a result my work got lost. A few years ago, I took up the pen again. Have a Read On Me is the result of this effort. I had two intentions when I decided to publish this anthology. First, it’s personally very rewarding to share my work with people. Second, we should all have causes to fight for. To remind us that our life is not as bad as it could be. One of my causes is to highlight the plight of the women who have survived civil wars, genocide, and rape on the African continent. And help wherever I can. Some events define our lives. The Rwandan genocide was one of them for me. I will partner with an organisation which helps these brave women rebuild their lives. I will keep my followers up to date on this blog and my Facebook page.

My basic author webpage  www.outskirtspress.com/haveareadonme is already set up.

Until the next update,



Wednesday April 18th, 2012 (3 mth ck up)

Hello Followers. And supporters. You have” liked” my Facebook fan page. Sent encouraging emails. Posted uplifting and congratulatory messages. Helped to spread the word about its release. Purchased copies. And asked others to do the same. All in support of the journey and future success of Have a Read on Me. I am humbled by your generosity of spirit. It’s my hope at least one piece have resonated with you. Or someone you know. Moreover, it has served to uplift. Inspire. And give comfort, when needed.

Have a Read On Me was published three months ago on this date. Sales have been slow. While I have done a bit to promote its release, I am fully aware that I could be doing more. Publishing is the easy part. Getting the word out about its release, through the cheapest medium possible is very challenging. Click on this link to read a sample on Book Buzzr. If you have a copy, please give an honest review on Amazon. I am indebted to Marta Jorge, for being the first ! You should know that 50% of every sale will be donated to WFWI .

Work on a second book of an entirely different genre, has commenced. A contemporary romance novel. Loosely based on a fictitional character Shana. A highly successful ARNP, she resigns from her job at a prestigious medical facility, and moved to the country. Her only focus is to “lick her wounds”, and write the next chapter of her life. If it’s in her power to do so! It’s a work in progress. I am also exploring the idea of putting all my blog posts into a book. More research is needed to explore the market for this.

Until the next update, a quote for all my supporters “Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls”. ~ David Thomas



Friday July 27th 2012 : The Reviews Are In!

In an attempt to spread the word about my book, I distributed a number of free copies to individuals willing to provide reviews on Amazon. Some are still outstanding; you and I both know who you are :). Get on with it. The posted reviews are below. Thank you very much Delroy, Dardhielle, and Marta ! Let’s keep them coming.

July 27th: Delroy

The images and emotions that Have a Read On Me evoke is that of being in the presence of the writer while she pens every word, carves every line and puts the finishing/editing touches to this solemn stand alone work. Miss Juan Williams shares her world with her reading audience and allows us to delve into her strengths as well as her shortcomings. I almost felt a sense of belonging as I paged through, as though my purpose in life was somehow present within the verses – like I should have lived there.

Have a Read On Me touches topics that we have all been exposed to and the greatest of these is LOVE. From the first day I opened up the book, I found it hard to put down. Even so, I found myself carrying it to work and spending a few hours, when I should have been working, peering into the pages and drifting away. How I wished to had been taking “A Walk on the Beach” or crying out to my love one about “The Reasons Why I Love You.”

Some of her poems remind me of my very own and I because of that I cherish the simplicity of her writing but also know that it still captures strong feelings and a vision for a better tomorrow. Have a Read On Me may not be compared to the great literary works of yesteryear but it gives me, as the reader, a sense that all is not lost in a world that often induces images and thoughts of despair and fear.

My only bother, other than the fact that I wanted there to be more poems, was the title of the book – I felt it should have been called “Have a Read With Me” as the journey through the book gave me the feeling of being in Williams’ company, like she was present in my head… the voice of my conscience. It also felt like I was once again a little child listening to my grandmother reading nursery rhymes or bedtime stories that awoke my imagination and inspired my dreams. And that is a wonderful reflection for anybody to have while reading a book, poetry or otherwise. Be sure to Have a Read On Me or in other words with Juan Williams.

May 12th: Dardhielle.

As I was reading the book, I found it really amazing how the author describes challenges, moments of happiness, and life’s daily happenings so poetically and in such a way that it is absolutely applicable to my life. I highly recommend this read for the contemplating soul as it would help you gain a positive and deeper outlook in life.

April 6th: Marta

I have read the book several times. I have it next to me where I usually sit to rest at night,going through the author poems bring so much peace to my soul.

Copies are available to purchase from major US retailers such as Barnes and Noble , Amazon, or my publisher  Outskirtspress. The book is also available on Kindle. In the UK, copies can be purchased from Waterstones. I understand you might not want to open an Amazon account (it’s free).  If you’ve read the book, and want to offer a review, send it to me. I will post it for you. And send you a link.

Until the next update,




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