Attitude of Gratitude 13-14



Tues 1st: A New Year! And awesome company with which to spend it.

Wed 2nd: Well-spent days 🙂

Thurs 3rd: Making lasting memories

Fri 4th: Grateful for yes..sleep!

Sat 5th: Incredibly rare Calender free days! I’ll take them.

Sun 6th: A very happy day…to the rest of my life!

Mon 7th: Waking up happy.

Tues 8th: Support for my bookclub.Thanks Besotted Book Birds!

Wed 9th: Sallie Mae payment reprieve.

Thurs 10th: C Jones, for your never-ending kindness!

Fri 11th: PJA. And his never-ending patience with my shortcomings.

Sat 12th: Shopping trips with Nords = good times.

Sun 13th: Easy, easy days.

Mon 14th: A future which looks bright.

Tues 15th: Catching up with my sister.

Wed 16th: Putting differences aside for the greater good.

Thurs 17th: Dating your best friend.

Fri 18th: The moment when you discover, your paycheck is more than you expect!

Sat 19th: Being genuinely happy.

Sun 20th: Feelings evoked by the words :”I’m grateful I found you”

Mon 21st: Bette Midler’s song : “The Rose”. Wont look at it the same way again.

Tues 22nd: YOLO days.

Wed 23rd: Experiences which keeps you humble, and remind you, you’re only human

Thurs 24th: Making peace with an untenable situation (Janet in NY).

Fri 25th: Small victories; when a rambunctious toddler’s behaviour improves.

Sat 26th: The joy of finding long,lost friends on Fb.

Sun 27th: Spending time with my niece Neyomi.

Mon 28th: Epiphanies : How people treat you is their karma. And how you respond is yours!

Tues 29th: Hearing a child say: “Can you come here everyday? I like it when you’re here Miss Juan”. Awww

Wed 30th: The ability to rise above, and be a better person (experience at Maria Tereza)

Thurs 31st: Ask and ye shall receive….buddy passes.


Fri 1st: Four year old  angel Sophia Zhang! Today, she made me a birthday cake, brought it to me and said :”Happy Birthday Miss Juan!”

Sat 2nd: Two answered prayers for Jupa.

Sun 3rd: PJA for giving without asking (wowcher and groupon)

Mon 4th: Saving a small fortune on airline tickets

Tues 5th: A no-nonsense space heater 🙂 Thanks Bertie.

Wed 6th: Thank you Sears! Heat has returned after none for almost 2 days.

Thurs 7th: Thank you Orr (again)

Fri 8th: Grateful that a small act will put a smile on a child’s face (Danny)

Sat 9th: Despite the misery outside, we didn’t lose power 🙂


Mon 1st: Grateful my mom made it safely to Scotland!

Tues 2nd: Beautiful day for a wedding!

Wed 3rd: The people who travelled far and wide to spend the day with us!

Thurs 4th: A great day out in Edinburgh

Fri 5th: Road tripping/city hopping days that puts a smile on your face!

Sat 6th: When bonds are the result of frustrating experiences (The Radisson Blu)

Sun 7th: Grateful for Duvet days!

Mon 8th: Easy, chilled days.

Tues 9th:The opportunity to learn a new dance.

Wed 10th: When long-lost friends get in touch

Thurs 11th: networking opportunities

Fri 12th: One step closer to getting my UK DL

Sat 13th: Spending quality time with the hubby

Sun 14th: Keeping the end in mind, when it comes to job hunting

Mon 15th: Being reminded of the important things in life

Tues 16th: Time to reflect, as another birthday draws near

Wed 17th: A terrible day, but grateful to be alive

Thurs 18th: The knowledge that better days are ahead, and things don’t always stay the same

Fri 19th: A great birthday! Gifts,pampering, and dinner in another city

Sat 20th: Just because gifts, in the form of a really nice necklace

Sun 21st: Spending time with Paul’s boys in celebration of their birthdays!

Mon 22nd : Messages of good will and congratulations

Tues 23rd: Turning corners of life

Wed 24th: Adina and Alifa to help study the NLP course

Thurs 25th: Improvement on my driving lessons

Fri 26th: Pampering sessions 🙂

Sat 27th: Time with exploring downtown and bowling with Sam and Paul

Sun 28th: Easy,breezy Sundays.

Mon 29th: Makeup makeovers

Tues 30th: Being a kid again, at Weston Super Mare’s arcade.


Wed 1st: A new day. A new month. New horizons to reach

Thurs 2nd: Lovely British weather!

Fri 3rd: Knowing HF is very much aware of me

Sat 4th: Seeing the end in mind (learning from a deep betrayal of trust and security)

Sun 5th: Grateful to those who have kept me in their prayers

Mon 6th: Taking matters into my hands and getting results (Helliadventures)

Tues 7th: Fun learning how to tap dance

Wed 8th: Grateful for gut instincts: they NEVER lie

Thurs 9th: Invitations to interview!

Fri 10th: Being asked to use my writing skills to help (in the 305)

Sat 11th: Strength during adversity (when everything you thought you knew comes crashing down)

Sun 12th:  It’s Mother’s Day! Grateful, very grateful for my mom

Mon 13th: Brain overloaded with forex and trading, but happy to learn a new skill

Tues 14th: Amazing what a walk in the park can accomplish!

Wed 15th: Heartfelt profile photo compliments–yes the little things that make your day.

Thurs 16th: Saving money on cab fare in Swindon 🙂

Fri 17th : Grateful to be able to help my mom with her studies

Sat 18th:When one door closes : passed over for a job centre assessment

Sun 19th: Keeping my cool under very difficult circumstances

Mon 20th: Phone interviews that feels like a friendly chat

Tues 21st: Grateful Paul is seeing headway with Role Hunters and Wearewestcliff

Wed 22nd: Breezing through an assessment centre 🙂

Thurs 23rd: Hearing the words “We’d like to extend you an offer of employment!…”

Fri 24th: Perfect days spent leapfrogging

Sat 25th: Using social networking to find answers. Grateful for my Facebook friendships (US TV shows)

Sun 26th: Happiness and contentment

Mon 27th : Email from Blondine. A former YW who is serving in SLC. Heartwarming!

Tues 28th: New hobbies (pottery)

Wed 29th: Being present at the initial meeting of Wearewestcliff (in response to Skint)

Thurs 30th: Mom’s progress = her independence :). Happy Day!

Fri 31st: Hope and Faith

BACK          AFTER          3          MONTHS          HIATUS!


Sun 1st: Footprints….might just be the answer to unuttered prayers.

Mon 2nd: VERY grateful for my family. Especially during difficult times.

Tues 3rd: Callister, for making a decision much easier for me.

Wed 4th: When Facebook posts are just the thing you need to get you through the day.

Thurs 5th: Perspective. I need it today

Friday 6th: The knowledge that every goodbye, sets you up for an even greater hello.

Sat 7th: Cant turn back time. But there is always tomorrow.

Sun 8th: Hello Star Now. Let’s see where the future takes us.

Mon 9th: Knowing you are missed. The CRW.

Tues 10th: Star Now profile views. The excitement is building.

Wed 11th: The feeling hope inspires!

Thurs 12th: Kids and whatever the future brings.

Friday 13th: Ashley…for being a total gentleman.

Sat 14th: Overtime hours.

Sun 15th: My sister Hannah. For being there for me when I really need her.

Mon16th: Busy days, especially when they help you forget what ails you.

Tues 17th:  Reading a reference letter from my former grad school supervisor!

Wed 18th: Skype Interview scheduled!

Thurs 19th: GP ref – Tash-  Gill; you have all helped me today. You just don’t know how much.

Fri 20th: I will never look at hypnotherapy the same way again!

Sat 21st: Finally; clarity of thought.

Sun 22nd: FB shout outs from childhood friend Lioness Delecia. You made my day!

Mon 23rd: Hope.

Tues 24th: Always grateful for my weekly lunch dates at St Nick’s with L.B.

Wed 25th: Overcoming the natural man aka having the power to act differently.

Thurs 26th: I needed to watch the empowering video today ( Shared on watery comfort).

Fri 27th: The lesson in this quote: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”~ John Wayne.

Sat 28th: Smashing night at Bristol Birkieller

Sun 29th: Thrill of house hunting

Mon 30th: For small kindness. PJA


Tues 1st: Ability to move onward and forward.

Wed 2nd: Dr Z. No matter where life takes me, I will always remember you!

Thurs 3rd: Interest in my work (meet up)

Fri 4th: Learning painful lessons; like bridling my tongue

Sat 5th: A day with nothing to do = a day of rest.

Sun 6th: Elder Holland’s GC talk! WOW.

Mon 7th: To free resources. Thanks Dr Wayne Dyer…came when I needed it.

Tues 8th: The Anima Series Video :You are awesome. So very grateful!!

Wed 9th: I am alive. Somewhere someone is fighting to live.

Thurs 10th: C. Bower….for fitting me in with no notice.

Fri 11th: Elizabeth B. and 1/3 hour free 🙂

Sat 12th: Hearing : “We love your look” On Starnow 🙂

Sun 13th: Daily reminders that all will be well, one day.

Mon 14th: Berkley Centre flexibility with changing my appt

Tues 15th:  Em Perez FB message: bringing back great memories!

Wed 16th: Seeing my Pearl Of Wisdom featured and liked on Horsesmouth FB page!

Thurs 17th: Approval of my online mentor profile with Horsesmouth. And receiving anonymous Thank You’s from those I helped.

Fri 18th: Fast work Global Language Trainers! Thanks for the letter!

Sat 19th: Application finally submitted. Now the wait! Thanks Luna Ahn.

Sun 20th: Free online faxes. Nelnet sorted.

Mon 21st: Thank you FB for introducing me to Bristol Gatecrashers 🙂

Tues 22nd : Thank you Danielle Parkinson and Berkley Centre…I am forever grateful!

Wed 23rd : Oppt to interview for face to face mentoring. Officially a mystery shopper..yay!

Thurs 24th: Free coaching session with Inge! Thank you very much!!

Friday 25th: When customers make your day…. David. M.

Sat 26th: To leaving your comfort zone and new friendships; thanks Jenny England!

Sun 27th: If you never ask….the answer is no. Late deliver = Tesco voucher!

Mon 28th: Here’s a to week of following my own schedule! Making it safely through the storm. And finally getting my dental issues resolved.

Tues 29th: Finding deals that save you more than 300 quid. VERY grateful.

Wed 30th : Robby’s Driving School for saving me. To all my FB friends who helped me reach my goal of 100 Fan Page Likes 🙂

Thurs 31st: Thanks Jesica for promoting my page on FB.  Grateful for friends who stay true regardless of distance. And to Tamara in California, for confirming what I already knew!


Fri 1st: Thanks Joseph; providing comfort when others would turn away.

Sat 2nd: Great start to the month; won 25 quid! Looking forward to a more great things.

Sun 3rd: Time. The great healer. And my mom for her unfailing support of her children.

Mon 4th: Recognising when HF is teaching you painful lessons

Tues 5th: Pushing forward, amidst all the ills in life

Wed 6th : Feeling the strength of prayers

Thurs 7th: Photo-shoot invitation from T Barron!

Fri 8th: Weekend retreat paid in full 🙂

Sat 9th: Soraya and Jenny…love you both

Sun 10th : Sweet kindnesses : “Why didn’t you call me? I could have picked you up”

Mon 11th: A day for the history books. Benneth and # 4393

Tues 12th: Signs you must not ignore

Wed 13th: Learning a new dance.

Thurs 14th: Meeting in Cardiff…blessing in disguise?

Fri 15th: Meeting Nahid; gentle and kind soul

Sat 16th: Ahh..laptop back in action

Sun 17th: Attempts at closure

Mon 18th: Leanne’s kind reference

Tues 19th: Quick responses! Thanks David at Longbridge

Wed 20th: Days off.

Thurs 21st : Love and support from fab friends. Leanne B.

Fri 22nd: Grateful I saved a few emails before hitting send 🙂

Sat 23rd: NHS and free classes

Sun 24th: Pajama days

Mon 25th: To front door pick up and drop offs

Tues 26th: Reuniting my mom and sis

Wed 27th: Good news for PJA at the last minute

Thurs 28th: Ha! Technical passes at work 🙂

Fri 29th: This Thanksgiving weekend, I am grateful for life!

Sat 30th: Hanging with Jenny. Needed it!


Sun 1st: Olive branches

Mon 2nd: After two bumbled attempts, Tesco delivered promptly.

Tues 3rd: Work emails letting you know you’ve done a great job!

Wed 4th: New business opt with Amazon. Excited.

Thur 5th: When work days are smooth and easy. Call from Second Step 🙂

Fri 6th: Glad I could help..Frenchay Hospital

Sat 7th: Home Office approval. YES. First time – good news- from syndicate.

Sun 8th: To easy, breezy Netflix nights

Mon 9th: Supportive friends. You know who you are. I am grateful!

Tues 10th: Blondine’s Emails. So. Proud. Of. Her.

Wed 11th: Oh Picka, my brother. You delivered good news.

Thurs 12th: Second Step Interview Invite. Fingers crossed.

Fri 13th: Rapid deliveries 🙂

Sat 14th: Fighting the natural man. And winning.

Sun 15th: A week of no work. Yes.

Mon 16th: Total, unexpected 360’s!

Tues 17th: The exhilarated feeling of happiness

Wed 18th: The little things; like having the oven fixed in one go

Thurs 19th: Being taken care of PJA

Fri 20th:  Easy days, when all goes well

Sat 21st: Cinema time

Sun 22nd: Being able to readily forgive

Mon 23rd: Getting what I want for Christmas

Tues 24th: When someone else dodges the crowds on my behalf 🙂

Wed 25th: Alive to see another Christmas. Santa brought me what I wanted 🙂

Thurs:  26th: Realisation

Fri 27th : Getting out an hr. early from work!

Sat 28th: Discovering my energy type (3)

Sun 29th: Letters from my fave missionary Blondine. J!

Mon 30th: Easy work days

Tues 31st: Last minute deals on party dresses.


Wed 1st: A better start to the NY than I was expecting!

Thurs 2nd: Won £25. Yay 🙂

Fri 3rd: Invitation to my first performing role. Natasha

Sat 4th: Two fun hours spent filming

Sun 5th: Sunday lunches

Mon 6th: First day of the 2 wk holiday

Tues 7th: Green light to change job paths

Wed 8th: Listened to a talk by a woman labelled “World’s ugliest woman” Inspirational!

Thurs 9th: Being pampered at Beautology.

Fri 10th: Grateful my mom and sister are together at last! Only upwards from here

Sat 11th: Hanging out my girlfriend Jenny! Grateful.

Sun 12th: The words : Sunday lunches at Miller and Cater in Bath. Lovely day

Mon 13th: The words : “You don’t owe anything” after my dental treatment.

Tues 14th: Now a PWP Volunteer!! 🙂

Wed 15th: Good monitor and lab results from the Dr.

Thurs 16th: Putting the Law of Attraction to work!

Fri 17th: Free book downloads

Sat 18th: Opportunity to sign up for my first 5K…Yay for Cancer Research UK

Sun 19th: Small wins

Mon 20th: Playing games and breaking even

Tues 21st: Rest for the weary

Wed 22nd: Two job leads out of the blue

Thurs 23rd: The film is finished! Grateful I got to take part. Thanks Julie.

Fri 24th: Invitation to attend the charity’s annual event

Sat 25th: Maintaining a level of control in an unfair situation

Sun 26th: Knowing when the time is right to move on.

Mon 27th: Affordable CV writing services

Tues 28th: Harbour side accommodation taken, but knowing everything is for the best.

Wed 29th: Countdown calendars

Thurs 30th: Huge weight being lifted off my shoulders….no more SH soon 🙂

Fri 31st: Courage to attend an event with complete strangers…and did just fine!

untitledSat 1st: Serious retail therapy, and great bargains 🙂

Sun 2nd: Grateful for the fab time I had last night

Mon 3rd: Portable chargers! How did I survive without one?

Tues 4th: Lunch time breaks with Amy, Nat, and Parvez….

Wed 5th: Friends. Thousands of miles away. Closer than ever in their hearts. Thank you Bev

Thurs 6th: Grateful I can now call Nat another friend. Best wishes:)

Fri 7th: Ah, the small luxuries in life : taking the fast bus home

Sat 8th:  Catch up days

Sun 9th: To new friendships, grateful I met you Daniela!

Mon 10th: To one more week of work!

Tues 11th: Lifts to work; especially when the weather is MAD

Wed 12th: To three followers in 3 days! Grateful to each of you.

Thurs 13th: Intuition! Grateful I followed it today

Fri 14th: Last day at SH. Grateful for the new friendships.

Sat 15th:  Great day in general. Emily and Barker place. Movie and PJA.

Sun 16th: Thank you Emily and Neil for giving me a chance! VERY grateful.

Mon 17th: Two different job hits

Tues 18th:  Grateful I once again followed my intuition. Information sharing. Thanks Sandy C.

Wed 19th: PASSED my driving test! Can you say freedom? Thank you very much Bob, my driving instructor!

Thurs 20th: Thrilled I could attend volunteer induction! Exciting things are in store! Amazon bargains!

Fri 21st: Persistence pays off…job leads!

Sat 22nd: Decluttering!

Sun 23rd: When days end better than they begin.

Mon 24th: Thanks Lenny..for the bargain. Here’s to new beginnings:)

Tues 25th: Volunteer training; learnt so much. Thanks Vicki; here’s to independence!

Wed 26th: Excited to become a regular contributor to our volunteer newsletter!

Thurs 27th: Job interview today!

Fri 28th: Really great day: another interview invite, money back from bus driver,  £37 in unused Tesco Vouchers, and my driver’s licence came in today! I am grateful!

untitledSat 1st: Three years blogging; very grateful I made it this far.

Sun 2nd: Overwhelmed by the help I received today! Many thanks Leanne and Paul

Mon 3rd: The blessings keep coming; delivery driver help, helpful shopkeepers, £5 richer, amazing goodies from Paul, and got an interview I was hoping to score!!!

Tues 4th: We’re pleased to inform you….: got another volunteering gig I really wanted.

Wed 5th: Great interview!

Thurs 6th: Grateful for a younger sister, who offers good advice.

Fri 7th: Flabbergasted. Best news. When something turns out way better than you hope! Thanks Samantha J. and FL. Meeting Vicki and Andrew with Herbalife( the year ahead will be nothing short of extraordinary)

Sat 8th: Not a care in the world days.

Sun 9th: A new tele, and the trimmings. Thanks PJA.

Mon 10th: Paul, for taking time of work to help. The discovery of a running group on my doorstep:)

Tues 11th: Newsletter piece done and dusted.

Wed 12th : Three available spaces for CBT training, and I managed to score one. In the nick of time too. So excited and grateful.

Thu 13th: Virgin Media. I thank thee 🙂

Fri 14th: Small things; like the gym and getting back into shape.

Sat 15th: When friends check up on you. A name for my newsletter column  : Juan’s Monthly Morsels

Sun 16th: Great weather, something to be grateful for in the UK. And Sunday roasts:)

Mon17th: Google maps; easily found my way to my interview at BOI today.

Tues 18th: Karen, my beauty therapist. Very grateful for you.

Wed 19th: CBT training with Pro Davis. And  a lift to get my errands done.

Thurs 20th: Cousin passed yesterday. Grateful for his memory.

Fri 21st: Putting differences aside to come together as a family.

Sat 22nd: Ah, a fixed tele :). New shower too. Grateful for all the people helping Lynette

Sun 23rd: All the friends who reached out to me on Facebook during this tough time

Mon 24th: Grateful to attend the Peer Support Meeting tonight! Thanks for the lift Jenny

Tues 25th: My article got published in the volunteer newsletter!

Wed 26th: Simple luxuries, like the gym! Oh and TiVo, how  did I live without it?

Thurs 27th: Getting to the register and being notified the items are WAY cheaper than expected. Thanks Debenhams and H&M. Good times. Appreciate the fact Neil W is always on time and efficient. Grateful I listened to intuition to send THAT email.

Fri 28th: Grateful I have a sister to talk to. Another interview invite 🙂

Sat 29th: Simply beautiful weather today! Happy I got to enjoy it.

Sun 30th: The therapy provided by jewellery making

Mon 31st: A long day. Glad I have a place to unwind, at the end of the day.


Tues 1st: The April fool’s joke that provided SO much clarity and confirmation!!!

Wed 2nd: The lessons of life  : a year ago today!! Grateful I could attend volunteer training this evening!

Thurs 3rd: An evening with no commitments = time to relax

Fri 4th:  Good train times for my first week at FL. Won £20 on scratch cards this week 🙂

Sat 5th: The health scare that turned out okay in the end.

Sun 6th: To the stranger who walked up to me and stated : “I love your hair, it’s absolutely fabulous!” Totally made my day!

Mon 7th: My sister lived to another birthday.  Grateful for small mercies

Tues 8th: Catching up with Jenny over dinner. Good times

Wed 9th: Meeting new friends at volunteer training 🙂

Thurs 10th: A first! Company funded my trip to meet the CEO. Thanks FL.

Fri 11th: Thank you Suzy; introducing me to BBM, Magic Jack apps etc.

Sat 12th: So VERY grateful Debbie used her talents to put together Elroy’s memorial video!

Sun 13th: The impact Elroy left on the world. RIP my cousin. Sleep with the angels.

Mon 14th: When trains run on time, because all you want to do is get home!

Tues 15th: Happy my sis has decided to get a move on with those papers!

Wed 16th: Heard from the NHS today! Great news 🙂

Thurs 17th: Can I get an Amen for 4 day breaks?!

Fri 18th: Quick trip to the centre, Left my purse at home, had just enough for my needs


Sun 20th: One of the best day after birthdays I can remember in a long time!

Mon 21st: Rocking spinning class 🙂

Tues 22nd: Lesson learned; always check you’ve got your security pass!

Wed 23rd: PJA; giving me more than I asked for. Grateful.

Thurs 24th: Re-read all my b’day wishes today. So grateful for the ones who truly care!

Fri 25th: So grateful Daniela and I could spend time together today! Bring on Cornwall.

Sat 26th: Will never tire of lie-ins :). Facebook and all it affords me to do

Sun 27th: Sunday roasts and Netflix with good peeps!

Mon 28th: Quick thinking, which saved me time (work and NHS) and money (cab fare)

Tues 29th: Happy Birthday MOM. Grateful HF has kept you alive for 60 years!!!

Wed 30th : An extra 5 fiver on the lotto 🙂


Thurs 1st: Officially a Changes Volunteer 🙂

Fri 2nd: Knowing that some things work out for the better..AFC

Sat 3rd: Three day weekends. Again 🙂

Sun 4th: My first photoshoot! AHMAZING pics.

Mon 5th: Lovely days with loved ones

Tues 6th: Happy I could be there for my friends when they need me.

Wed 7th: Info sharing

Thurs 8th: Grateful my sis sent the papers off.

Fri 9th: Jason at Changes and his willingness to be accommodating

Sat 10th: Karen my aesthetician. One of the lovely people I am happy to know.

Sun 11th: Mothers Day. What would we do without them?

Mon 12th: Seeing my monthly column in print 🙂

Tues 13th: Looking forward to trying DE

Wed 14th: Finally able to get through to Danielle at Hays.

Thurs 15th: First practice run. Not a bad effort 🙂

Fri 16th: Grateful for Emma and Simon!

Sat 17th: Simple, beautiful days; gym, dinner, movie and everything in between.

Sun 18th: Invited to perform poetry in public for the first time!

Mon 19th: Another great contact; Danielle at Hays. A great afternoon with the birthday boy.

Tues 20th: The helpful neighbour who secured my Amazon pkgs

Wed 21st: Monkey of my back; first go on the phone went well!

Thurs 22nd:  “I am very impressed. Very impressed with how well you’re doing” 🙂

Fri 23rd: Another task smashed, and exceeding every expectation at work!

Sat 24th: An entire hour of reflexology! Thanks P.

Sun 25th: £5 richer from a scratch card. Easy, laid back Sundays.

Mon 26th: Money to go clothes shopping.

Tues 27th: Grateful I have a roof over my head, and food to eat.

Wed 28th:  Like a boss! Handled the pressure at work. Another (small) lottery win :)!

Thurs 29th: Maya Angelo passed away yesterday. Grateful for her immense talent.

Fri 30th: Another small win again 🙂 Richer than I was this morning.

Sat 31st: The stranger who took my credit note at Apricot and gave me cash. Thank you!


Sun 1st: The very understanding team at Changes Bristol

Mon 2nd: Knowing you’re not forgotten, despite the thousands of miles separating friends

Tues 3rd: Rapid refunds…thanks Wowcher

Wed 4th: Progress with ‘s immigration papers.

Thurs 5th: Conditional offer from AFC!

Fri 6th: Reference finalised, thanks Dr Jones

Sat 7th: Bawa- Malloys- Reflex = a great Saturday night!

Sun 8th: Thanks Post Office worker who gave me my pkg without the slip!

Mon 9th: Paul’s efforts to make us stronger

Tues 10th: When one door closes. No more PWP, but another door opened.

Wed 11th: Finally, my background check in the post.

Thurs 12th: Grateful I can help my sis even in small ways

Fri 13th: When multiple orders arrive at the same time 🙂

Sat 14th:  Celebrating Daniela’s birthday at BAWA. Great, great time

Sun 15th: Comforting and feel good movies from social media.

Mon 16th: Days off!

Tues 17th: My sister has a “hold on”

Wed 18th: New, cute work gear!

Thurs 19th: Workshop at AFC, so much to learn

Fri 20th: City and Guilds…wow.

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd: Superb weekend in Wales, new clothes, fishing, beach walking etc…grateful

Mon 23rd: Extra chump change!!

Tues 24th: Surprise email from Rethink! Could it be??

Wed 25th: New sport. Boxing. Thanks for introducing me to it P.

Thurs 26th: You’re the total package. What a compliment!

Fri 27th: Days when you fall asleep right away!

Sat 28th: Generous help today ref Beautology.  Thanks P

Sun 29th: Grateful I could help my brother!

Mon 30th: Slept with my window open! Grateful for his protection.

july 14

Tue 1st: The kind words of Krysia in reference to my newsletter column

Wed 2nd: Thanks for your donation Chezzy!

Thurs 3rd: Grateful for the help of Lara and Lucinda at work!

Fri 4th: Grateful Neil will be kind enough to let me out of my contract early.

Sat 5th: Race for Life. SORTED & COMPLETED 🙂

Sun 6th: The unbelievable place where Paul and I have found ourselves:)

Mon 7th: Grateful for bagful of Haribo..the addiction just got fed.

Tue 8th:  Leanne, Daniella, Jenny, and all the wonderful people I’ve met in Bristol

Wed 9th: City and Guilds…wonderfully wonderful!

Thurs 10th: Health, when it’s good, but when its not, the reminder to cherish it

Fri 11th: Paul’s watch care

Sat 12th: First contact session….eye opening.

Sun 13th: Paul bought me a new printer, which resulted in massive stress being taken off me. Grateful

Mon 14th: It all comes together in the end. Thanks Chris! Passed. Revelling in the feedback

Tues 15th: Kesha G, for her support of my blog and writing

Wed 16th: Restful days.

Thurs 17th: Another Malaysian Airline tragedy. Grateful for life and family.

Fri 18th: Compliments!

Sat 19th: Finally visited Camden Lock. Thanks P!

Sun 20th:  Love lazy days, followed be dinner n relaxing. Passed my first few assignments with City and Guild

Mon 21st: Driving out-of-town, just for dinner. Grateful for memories! Prayed for a good day at work, and it was granted.

Tues 22nd: Sometimes a good rant is all you need. Grateful for freedom of speech!

Wed 23rd: Thank you Amazon for investigating quickly and processing my refund.

Thurs 24th: Email from P, containing some words 🙂

Fri 25th: Moving companies who do a splendid job!

Sat 26th: After yesterday? A rest was very welcomed!

Sun 27th: Workmates like Katie!

Mon 28th: Getting all passes on calls at work for FL

Tue 29th: Reminding myself you can kill  more flies with honey than vinegar (work trainer)

Wed 30th: Anne Russell’s email; reminding me to take life as it comes

Thurs 31st: Paul, for running around for me today, and sorting out the dang settee.


Fri 1st: More experience as a FSP. Grateful for the men who look after their children

Sat 2nd: When grocery coupons and vouchers save you more than £20 on your shopping!

Sun 3rd: Grocery delivery men….and not having to fight 4 flights of stairs.

Mon 4th: Happy I didn’t have to take the bus today. Again, thanks P.

Tues 5th: Every scratch card this week has brought me winnings!!!

Wed 6th: Week 1 of PIP, sorted!

Thurs 7th: Another blog follower. Bought my RFL 2015 voucher at a discounted rate

Fri 8th: Because of Katie, I might have found the car I was searching for.

Sat 9th: I am mobile again! Car is 13 years old, but cheap and reliable. I am very grateful.

Sun 10th: Picking up my first car in 4 years

Mon 11th: The joys of not having to get up early to take the bus. AFC pay sorted 🙂

Tues 12th: Back and forth to work in record time. Found out Robin Williams committed suicide today; thanks for the memories. RIP

Wed 13th: Gym workout!

Thurs 14th:  Staying in touch with my family. Might be able to volunteer with changes after all:)

Fri 15th: Phone interview went well!

Sat 16th: Grateful I was alive in the Robin Williams era. So many beautiful quotes to draw strength from

Sun 17th: Catching up with mom.

Mon 18th: Finally able to meet with Dave at Rethink. Here’s to another day off:)

Tues 19th: First official personal training session…every muscle hurts…all good

Wed 20th: Meeting up with Jenny

Thurs 21st: Passes in call auditing

Fri 22nd: My rental deposit will be returned sooner than I originally thought

Sat 23rd: Happy I could rise above a disappointing start to the day and still show up to work in the afternoon.

Sun 24th: Breakfast dates!

Mon 25th: Here’s to bank holiday Mondays:)

Tues 26th: Passed the PIP….monkey off my back then!

Wed 27th: Thank you Mr Rabbets for the good news:)

Thurs 28th: The very liberating feeling of knowing everything only lasts for a time. Catching up with Chezzy!

Fri 29th: To new adventures, places, people, and a better job!

Sat 30th: When differences are resolved

Sun 31st: Laptop finally fixed!!


Mon 1st: Chuffed for my training with LD tomorrow!

Tues 2nd: Made it to Birmingham safely. New friends…thanks for today Juliet

Wed 3rd: Dinner with Kaye, Michael, Clive and Emma…a good time was had by all!

Thurs 4th:  Simple things; like getting off the train at the right time to get a lift from PJA

Fri 5th: Being able to offer comfort to PJA in a truly trying time.

Sat 6th: Super excited for my new role with the new company!

Sun 7th: Day trips to Tyndale Monument 🙂

Mon 8th: Meeting new work colleagues in Portishead

Tues 9th: Making peace with old work friends  I didn’t get to say goodbye to!

Wed 10th: Today is Ruby Bridges birthday. Thank you for your bravery!

Thurs 11th: Wonderful opportunity to shadow an assessor today in Hengrove

Fri 12th: Found out AFC is paying me for an entire day, instead of half 🙂

Sat 13th: Treated myself to a few wowcher deals, just because

Sun 14th: £12 off grocery coupons…hell yeah

Mon 15th: Honoured that I was asked to help create a new learner handbook and support pack for the new contract I was hired to work on! SUPER STOKED.

Tues 16th: Love working with Clive and Micheal

Wed 17th: Happy to see the fruits of our labours coming to fruition

Thurs 18th: The sweet convenience of an at home scanner

Fri 19th: The handbook has been created! Happy.

Sat 20th: The Scottish Referendum to separate from the UK didn’t pass. Happy about that.

Sun 21st: Couldn’t make shadowing, grateful Georgia understood

Mon 22nd: The DISCOVERY that would change everything. Not grateful now, but I am sure I will be

Tues 23rd: Appointment finally made with Talk……time to get this sorted

Wed 24th: Business insurance didn’t cost as much as I thought it would

Thurs 25th: Finding out you’re getting more money than you expected (FL)

Fri 26th: Getting me some cold calling experience

Sat 27th: First meeting with Deborah….change is slow, but it will come.

Sun 28th: Thanks Daniela for checking up on me.

Mon 29th: Right time, right day..beautology had an opening.

Tues 30th: Meeting up with the other consultants in Birmingham….good times. Free parking at the station.

Wed 1st: Standing up for your rights and being rewarded: issue with Candyfloss

Thurs 2nd: First step to starting a support group. Sorted.

Fri 3rd: Made the first sign up of the ESF contract today!

Sat 4th: Lovely catching up with Daniela! A holiday might be on the cards 🙂

Sun 5th: Well deserved group on treats

Mon 6th: Easy going day, working from home

Tues 7th: Response from Karen on forum posting. Onwards and upwards.

Wed 8th: Think I have located the business opportunity for me. More research needed

Thurs 9th: Thanks Lee for putting the bed together, and fitting me in your schedule

Fri 10th: Another few sign ups under my belt

Sat 11th: Grateful I had Clive with me during a sign up this week!

Sun 12th: The importance of boundaries

Mon 13th: Stepped outside my comfort zone, made it to Nail sea in crappy weather

Tues 14th: Sign up number 5 and counting. I might have a knack for this 🙂

Wed 15th: Made 3 ESF potential sign ups today!

Thurs 16th: Making progress with my work spread sheet

Fri 17th: Saving at least £5, by picking up my groceries

Sat 18th: Reading on Gloucester Road, and winning a tenner on a scratch card!

Sun 19th: When total strangers  on a chat forum come to your aid!

Mon 20th: Swindon yesterday, trowbridge today. Grateful for safety in travels.

Tues 21st: Life and  personal accident policy docs came in the post. Sorted.

Wed 22nd: First pair of Cats arrived today. Thanks P

Thurs 23rd: 4/4 sign ups for ESF!

Fri 24th: Chuffed with all the wonderful compliments on my FB profile pic 🙂

Sat 25th: Excited for a full week ahead ( tap, volunteering at homeless shelter, meet up). All the things I treated myself to today ( shoes, coats, classes whoops..yolo)

Sun 26th: Grateful for having a car! To the lady who told me you don’t have to pay for parking in the city on Sundays! Who knew?:)

Mon 27th: Finally got Egress sorted for work email!

Tues 28th: Treating myself. Thanks Beautology 🙂

Wed 29th: Totally in love with my new coat and boots I bought online! Yay for online shopping and quick delivery.

Thurs 30th: Grateful for all the lessons I learnt in my first month in the field of my new job!

Fri 31st: The ability to remain graceful in the face of very trying times. Lovely time out with Daniela.

Sat 1st: Taken up archery. Really grand time. Won £28 on two lotto tickets. Good way to start the month.

Sun 2nd: A car to drive around! Two months ago, didn’t have one.

Mon 3rd: Another £20 on scratchcard. After a long, and very hard day, where nothing went right, it boosted my spirits

Tues 4th: Got my car’s tires sorted to. Cooked a delicious meal.

Wed 5th: Grateful I can help Neil get trained up

Thurs 6th: Grateful for safety today, as I drove back and forth in harsh weather conditions

Fri 7th: After a lead drought, grateful I got two more ESF sign ups today

Sat 8th: Called HMRC today, only to discover, Simplyhealth took too much tax off me. So I will be £155 richer, and one step closer to owning my franchise. Blessings!

Sun 9th: Grateful for the Downend ward members who have welcomed me when I visit.

Mon 10th: Attended a volunteer evening at One25 tonight…eye opening. Grateful I will be able to step outside of me and help.

Tues 11th: Love being a remote worker. Especially today, when its damp and grey.

Wed 12th: Car stalled on me. Thanks Halfords for offering a battery change service! Felt good to be asked questions about the ESF project, from all sides, since I am the only one who has worked it. Made a monumental decision today, after a conversation with Patricia…let’s see where this goes.

Thurs 13th: Calling my brother Stead, thousands of miles away, singing Happy Birthday to him, and just enjoying the thrill and delight in his voice. I have never done that 🙂

Fri 14th: Honda dealership in Brislington came through for me. Paul for comforting me last night.

Sat 15: The ability to keep hope alive, and remember everything is in God’s hand.

Sun 16th: To a great day: meeting at Olveston RC church, promise of a ride in a private plane next month, and topped off with catching a movie with P.

Mon 17th: The strength I have received by sticking to my resolve to change.

Tues 18th: Getting my refund of £99. TYVM Wowcher! A  reason to hope (Gary M). Read 3 short ebooks record.

Wed 19th: The universe supplied all that I needed today: (1) minor car troubles fixed with the dealership and National Tyres next door, for a lot less than I feared (2) happy I kept apt as my tyres were almost bald (3) made it across town to my beautology apt on time (4) won a quid on a scratch card(5) Qwikfit allowed me to cancel my appt with no hassles.

Thurs 20th: Discovered Fiver, AdSense, and other ways to increase my income. Finding  a winning £2 scratch card that I had lost last week:)

Fri 21st: Virgin Media sorted out!

Sat 22nd: Volunteer training for Caring at Christmas sorted. Disappointing news from Daniela. Grateful for the knowledge God is in control

Sun 23rd: A good, laid back day!

Mon 24th: Back at work…easy first day.

Tues 25th: Ended up in A&E this morning. Very grateful P was on hand to help get me through the experience.

Wed 26th: P took care of my every need today…as I am crippled. Thank you Parker Clinic for fitting me in at short notice. News not good, but could be worse.

Thurs 27th: Rota came through for Caring at Christmas. Will be receiving donations from Louis J and Leanne B for the shelter. Very grateful for all their help.

Fri 28th: National Lottery finally approved my online account… after all this time:)

Sat 29th: Very grateful I am in a position to help my brother Steadroy out 🙂

Sun 30th: I did it. Bought an online fashion store. Now comes the hard work.

BLG_DecemberContest_reg20120816-17262-1hyg3aMon 1st: Thank you very Sylvia for offering to help out with the homeless clothing drive

Tues 2nd: Beginning to feel loads better. Thank you Parker Clinic

Wed 3rd: Found Leyla Chaljub on Facebook. The power of social media at its best.

Thurs 4th: Catching up with Juliet. Missed her. Thanks to a gig on FIVERR, the likes on my fan page have increased exponentially! Thanks for your time tonight, Heavenly Lights.

Fri 5th: The email I almost deleted…a franchise idea. Research, research. Submitted the About Us content for the applying to retailers can begin.

Saturday 6th: Ran into Carmen, an old colleague from FL..we shall be meeting up soon. Collected the items from Sylvia.

Sunday 7th: Thank you Little Lab for understanding when I couldn’t keep my appointment today.

Mon 8th: Back to work after being off for almost two weeks with back injury.

Tues 9th:Got hopelessly lost on my way to Thornbury, as Google maps on my I Phone failed. Said a prayer and God answered it. Got to the appointment with time to spare.

Wed 10th: Grateful that I took it easy by working out of the office today.

Thurs 11th: Grateful to Sarah R, for giving me a lift and letting me shadow her to Weston Super Mare to observe sign ups.

Fri 12th: Won a little money on the lotto, every little bit helps 🙂

Sat 13th: Fantastic time with Leanne in Bath. Also grateful I got some more items for the homeless shelter

Sun 14th: Daniela disappointed me greatly (cancelled trip to Scotland). BUT, I am grateful I am changing, and I was able to take things in stride.

Mon 15th: Grateful I found fiverr. The gigs are awesome.

Tues 16th: Grateful for my my manager Claire. She looked out for me today.

Wed 17th: Grateful that I arrived safely home. The wind, driving over the Avon bridge made me very nervous.

Thurs 18th: Happy my sister got another job opportunity! Grateful I kept my cool and didn’t respond to an emotive email

Fri 19th: After the past few mornings, it was very refreshing to have a smooth drive to work. Fiverr gig is working…over 600 views to the franchise site in 2 days. Fingers crossed they convert to sales.

Sat 20th: Thanks again, Little Lab for working with me and rescheduling my class. Grateful I am starting to feel better, with the help of the Parker Clinic.

Sun 21st: Treated myself to a mani n pedi, all for £ me a deal

Mon 22nd: Tragedy in Glasgow today..rubbish truck plowed into people shopping, 6 killed. Grateful for life.

Tues 23rd: Last and final day at work until Jan 5th 🙂

Wed 24th: Spending most of the day with Juliet in Birmingham…good times

Thurs 25th: Christmas..Happy I am able to speak to family for hours. Grateful for Facebook messenger, which allows me to talk to friends and family, all over the world. Thank God I lived to see another.

Fri 26th: Volunteering at Caring for Christmas…humbled.

Sat 27th: Recovery day…I needed it. Discoveries that reinforces what you need to do….(calls and voice mails)

Sun 28th: The air, the sunshine, the people we stop to listen to (Asda).

Mon 29th: Another fab time volunteering at Caring at Christmas

Tues 30th: A great day: shopping, movies (Exodus Gods and Kings) and good times.

Wed 31st: A good end to the year. Meditation. Distance Reiki. Good chat with mom. Thank you 2014



















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