Yep. It’s About Me.


Islander first. American second. Budding Poet. Afflicted with wanderlust. Love to laugh. Trailblazer. Loves adventure. Treasures quiet times. Sunrise. Sunsets. Easily bored. Love to frequent comedy clubs. Theatre. And opera. Love to dance. Spontaneity rules my life. Love my family. I am a romantic at heart. I get smitten too quickly. I believe every kiss should feel like the first. I have much to learn about men. And their isms. Huh.

“Before I Kick It” I want to: teach in Africa/Asia. Run a few 5K’s for charity. Run a half marathon. Write at least 4 3 more books, one with a co-author. Speak three languages fluently. Start a charity or non profit organization. Learn how to tap dance. Own a franchise. Have multiple streams of income. Win awards for writing. Open a school for children with special needs. Visit Cuba. Become a Reiki Master. Spend a New Year in Times Square, Paris, and London. Own homes in the USA and SVG. Spend a year travelling around the world. Learn more with these #randomfacts. Or what truly #grindsmygears.

Favorite quote :”Education is the ability to listen to almost anything,without losing your temper or self-confidence” Robert Frost.

Would love to hear from you!

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