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$15,000 Less?!?!

The stats are staggering: 94% of people surveyed said procrastination affected their happiness. Studies also showed procrastinators earn $15k less than each year..wowsers. At least 20-25% of adults are affected. The full article is posted below. Be warned, get ready to be shaken up. I know I was.

We often struggle to finish projects, even when we have every intention of finishing them. Full disclosure, this was once my biggest flaw. There, I said it. At times, it has gotten so bad, I resorted to scheduling my entire day, hour by hour, to get anything done! Believe it or not, this is a common problem people face. After taking stock of myself, through trial and error, I discovered that luckily, there are ways to improve, which actually work. I have gotten a lot better! Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but if you find that procrastination is a constant problem for you, it’s time to make a few changes in your life. Below are several tactics you can use to help you kick the habit.

Divide Up The Task
Often, when you procrastinate, the task seems insurmountable, one which you don’t believe you will be able to finish. Put a stop to this thinking by breaking up the task into more manageable pieces. For example, if you were supposed to clean the basement, resolve to clean one of the four corners each day, instead of trying to tackle it all at once. This tactic helps to make tasks more manageable, leaving us feel less overwhelmed.

Make A Deadline
Now is not the time to tell yourself you will do something “later.” Instead, set a strict timeline for yourself, with sections of your goal having deadlines. This way, you known when you will be completing something. It may also help to have a small reward for yourself along the way. An example of this would be a student needing to write a four-page paper. And for each page the student completes, they would reward themselves with fifteen minutes of phone time.

Stop Your Common Distractions
Usually, when someone procrastinates, it’s for the same reasons each time. You planned to clean the kitchen, but got sidetracked with a trending TV show instead. Put a stop to this by eliminating common distractions. If the TV is a distraction for you, maybe it’s time to work in another room.

Make Small Goals and Reward Yourself
As you plan how you will conquer your task or project, break your goal into smaller mini-goals. Then, cross them off and reward yourself as you complete them. It will help keep you on task, and you’ll be able to feel as if you are making progress, even if it’s small.  This progress will do wonders to keep your spirits high. The little rewards you are giving yourself will do wonders.

Spend Time With Motivated People
There is nothing quite like hanging out with someone motivated to boost your motivation. Find a friend or colleague whose motivation you admire, and resolve to spend more time with them. Or get a buddy in on your plans, keep each other motivated regularly. Either way, it’s much easier to stop procrastinating, when you’ve got others around you accomplishing remarkable things!

Overall, discontinuing your procrastination habit can be extremely difficult, but it can be done just by changing some minor things in your life. Start by dividing up the task, making deadlines, and getting rid of your most common distractions. Then surround yourself with other positive people, and you will soon find yourself accomplishing more than ever before!

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