Five Years Ago Today!

five-years-of-blogging(Photo: google-images)

Happy Easter!

This post marks my fifth anniversary as a blogger. was my first entry. It’s been one hell of a ride. I’ve been able to maintain a rather loyal, if quiet readership base since 2011. I want to thank my followers and subscribers who regularly read my posts, those who dip in occasionally, and others who have taken the time to write comments, and provide any type of feedback.

Maintaining a blog isn’t easy. Finding the motivation to post regularly requires dedication and commitment. When I started on this journey, I never imagined the direction life would take. Five years from now, I’m sure life will have handed me more lessons,  in the form of heartbreak, pain, joys, victories, smiles, and laughter. Through it all, I hope I’m always asking for stronger shoulders.

I can’t thank you enough. I owe you a debt of gratitude. If I could meet, and rub shoulders with each of you, I would. Please know for now, I’m thankful, and always will be.

Love and Light,


About gypsy04http://www.chindeepinlife.comIslander first. American second. A daughter. A friend. Grad Student. Budding Poet. Likes to Travel. Love to laugh. Never argues with an idiot. I blaze my own trail. Hate to follow. Likes quite times. Love to watch the sun rise and set. No one can take my place....Favorite quote :"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything,without losing your temper or self-confidence" Robert Frost

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