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22/03/2016 Update: I’ve now completed Reiki Level 11. Happy Days. Since embarking on this journey, something incredibly fascinating, and almost unbelievable, has happened to me. People not meant to be in my life, have disappeared. Let me explain; all contact and communication in every form, has abruptly stopped. I even tried communicating one more time. Nothing happened. Initially, I was very bothered by this, as people generally want to be around me. Hurt even, as they were people I welcomed with warmth, into my life. The answer came to me after a little while: “this is what you ask for every time you perform a self-treatment. You ask the universe to direct the energy for your highest good. The trouble is, I’ve never specifically asked or set any intention around people. I’m still coming to terms with this. The journey has only just begun.


Oh! What an incredible spiritual journey this year has been! And there is so much left of it! I completed my Level 1 Reiki course almost a month ago. In Level 1, you’re invited to schedule your attunement (the ability to perform Reiki  on yourself and others). I decided to wait until the recommended post attunement – 21 day period of self treatments, post a before writing about it.

In the course forum, I noticed some have completed the entire Master course in 45 days. I plan on taking twice as long. I just became certified at the first level. Before moving on, I plan on immersing myself in all the knowledge I can get my hands on. I’ve already read three E books on the subject. I’m more than hooked:). I’m now halfway through Level II

We have an online community where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and access resources. Students have shared experiences of having visions, all over body tingling, being connected with love ones etc during the attunement. I wondered what mine would be like. The Master/teacher gives you all six levels of  attunement at once. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical that someone in another country, thousands of miles away, could make me feel anything. I was so wrong. Very wrong.

I think some things should remain sacred, so I’ve since removed the description of the sensations and feelings I had during the process. I laid in bed for almost ten minutes after, as I wanted to savor the experience for as long as I could. I supposed I needed such a vivid attunement, as I could be very skeptical. I was in awe of what had transpired. Today, I’ve got a headache, and a bit of nausea, but I supposed this is the body detoxing itself. I’m so grateful I found Reiki at this time, as there are so many other stresses in my life. Or maybe it’s the Reiki who found me. Thank you very much Lisa, and everyone for sharing your own attunement experiences. Love and light to all”

As part of the process, you’re expected to go through a detox, mainly of emotions, which results in physical symptoms. One can expect healing from trauma, abuse, negative energy etc. Depending on how blocked your chakras are, you experience the detox differently. In the days that followed, and up to this point, while performing the self treatments, it was confirmed to me, Reiki was going where it’s supposed to.

Every time I perform a meditation and self treatment, I can’t tell you how many times I can feel the energy vibrating and extending all over my body. It is especially powerful when I linger over my heart chakra. There have been so many burdens I’ve carried, past hurts held onto. Toxic and negative emotions that were holding me prisoner, and preventing me from attracting the right people and things into my life. I know this now.

Its worth mentioning, that I used to have a restless energy… I would lay awake for hours, trying to fall asleep. Ever since my attunment, as soon as I’m finished with my self treatments, sleep comes naturally and quickly. Every day, I find myself repeating the Five Principles several times, as the temptations and distractions come it. Guess what? It works!

This year, if I don’t accomplish anything more than  peace of mind, extending forgiveness, and having a balanced life, I’ll be more than happy. I didn’t plan for this stage of my life. It somehow has found me. In my daily actions, I find myself becoming more kind, more tolerant, more loving. I honestly cannot wait to see where I am a year from now.


Until the next post,


Love and light,



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