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Photo: Reiki.net (via google images)

I’m glad I kept track of the little blessings, which came my way last year. The year passed with some incredibly painful lessons. However, it helps to look back on each day, and see how the universe conspired to give me the things I needed, at that time. I’m still in the process of tidying up the #project#. I’m not sure if I will continue the project for 2016.

With this being said, if you’re into natural energy healing, and self-improvement, you will immediately recognize the title of today’s post. Yes! The Reiki Principles. In 2014, I was at a really low point in my life, when I reached out to a Reiki  healer for help. The experience touched me, and I felt its effects for weeks. Everything comes full circle, doesn’t it? I somehow felt led to this healing modality. I still don’t remember what propelled me to take up this course.

I partied hard into 2016. Hours later I enrolled on two online courses; Reiki 1,11, Master, and NLP Practitioner. In one of the first few lectures, the instructor said: “You might have just found Reiki at the right time in your life!”. I hope so. Reiki can help us heal ourselves and others, bring guidance to our lives, create opportunities for continual growth, unfold and awake our boundless potential. I want all of this. I’m not sure if I found Reiki at the right time, or it found me.

I want to spend the next year performing self-healing treatments, practicing on others, distance healing, and learning all I can about this modality. When I do become a Master Teacher, I want to feel like it. There is no limit to what I can do a year from now. Some choose to open a Reiki business. I can’t say if that is my goal at this time. We will see what happens.

I’ve just finished the first section of Level 1, and I am hooked. I’ve already learned the basics to clearing the negative energy blocking the Chakras. I’m so excited for what’s next! My life time attunment has already been scheduled, this should be a turning point in my life. Once I’m attuned, I can start to heal myself and others. I plan on practicing on my self for a long time first. In Level II, one of the things I will learn, is how to put a Reiki box together, I need this more than ever. Be warned though; as I make discoveries, they will turn into blog posts.


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