It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn


I felt compelled to share the precious words of wisdom below. Its my hope, that someone has waited to hear them.

Your situation will get better. Things always seem far worse than they are, especially at night. But in the morning you will realize your imagination has blown it out of proportion. Always wait for morning to make decisions. If you feel full of worry or apprehension, remember that 99% of what you worry about never happens, and the 1% never is as bad as you thought.

There is a plan for you. There is a reason for what you have experienced and what you will experience, even if you cannot see it now. What you are going through is not without purpose. So trust in the promise that things will get better and that someday you will find a level of gratitude for the events, good and bad, that have shaped you and prepared you for a better future.

So that you will never return to dark places, it is very important that you teach your mind to gravitate to the good that can happen, and already exists around you, not the bad that might happen. Once you are able to do this, your world will change forever for the better.

You have carried this burden long enough. It is time for you to let go … let your mind carry you back to the true and good light”..Energy Artist Julia.

Until the next post,



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