Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head

As fate would have it, I was in a close, intimate relationship with someone like this. He was clever, or thought he was. He excelled at manipulation.I figured out really quickly what was happening. Things went downhill rapidly. I experienced every stage outlined below. No one will ever believe the things I suffered at this man’s hands. I was forced to seek help through therapy, workbooks, online, and face to face support groups. I was dying trying to handle what had happened alone. The anger I felt towards him, was turning me into someone I didn’t recognize.

Think you might be in a relationship with a Narcissist? You’re not crazy! Read this article by Shahida Arabi. And make your own judgements. Take what you want, and leave the rest. The article is profound, in-depth, and eye-opening. The emotional and mental separation is the hardest. Along the way, I learned that you don’t have to stay in relationships where you’re not valued. We teach people how to treat us, and what we allow, is what will continue. Oh, and a word to the wise: ” When people show you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them

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Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head byShahida Arabi

In popular culture, the term “narcissistic” is thrown about quite loosely, usually referring to vanity and self-absorption. This reduces narcissism to a common quality that everyone possesses and downplays the symptoms demonstrated by people with the actual disorder. While narcissism does exist on a spectrum, narcissism as a full-fledged personality disorder is quite different.

People who meet the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder or those who have traits of Antisocial Personality Disorder  can operate in extremely manipulative ways within the context of intimate relationships due to their deceitfulness, lack of empathy and their tendency to be interpersonally exploitative. Although I will be focusing on narcissistic abusers in this post, due to the overlap of symptoms in these two disorders, this post can potentially apply to interactions with those who have ASPD to an extent.

It’s important in any kind of relationship that we learn to identify…

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