HappyBlogiversaryHappy Birthday CHINDEEPINLIFE!
Four Years.
Since I created this forum. Incredible journey. Fantastic Followers. Phenomenal Supporters. Thank you all. VERY MUCH. So much more to do. Discover. Overcome. And Become.

Basic Stats:

Officially Purchased Domain : Nov 14th 2014
Hits to date: 16,000+
Average daily hits: 128
Total Posts to date: 100
Most Popular Post: Don’t Judge Me
Highest Number of Hits in One Day: 480 on March 16th 2015
Most Hits Received In One Week: 3,014 (week of March 16th, 2015)
Month with Highest Number of Hits: March 2015 (8204, and counting)
Highest Number of Hits in One Year: 2015 (11,216 and counting).

Onward and Upwards…
Until the next post,

About gypsy04http://www.chindeepinlife.comIslander first. American second. A daughter. A friend. Grad Student. Budding Poet. Likes to Travel. Love to laugh. Never argues with an idiot. I blaze my own trail. Hate to follow. Likes quite times. Love to watch the sun rise and set. No one can take my place....Favorite quote :"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything,without losing your temper or self-confidence" Robert Frost

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