You. ARE. Amazing!

Inspirational-Quotes-amazing-krexy“I often find nuggets of treasure on Facebook. Treasures of knowledge. Offering inspiration. Hope. Self help. Things I want to remember for the rest of my life. Like the piece below. I hope you know how truly amazing you are!

You’re an amazing person, I’m not sure how much you believe in that now but that is the greatest truth, now or later you are gonna realize that, and you’re certain to find somebody amazing who deserves someone as wonderful as you. Today, take a moment and think about all the great positive achievements you have made, and are going to make, let it be a simple hug, making someone smile, …picking up litter or donating for a charity, every simple thing matters, believe that you’re evolving into something better everyday – it’s a natural process, everyday process.
Be proud of the compassion you show, even to those who bully and demotivate you, that makes you better than them. You deserve to reach your amazing potential and feel awesome all the time, each and every day and trust me you will. Focus on your inner beauty and personality, because what you are on the outside only matters to those with shallow minds. You’re beautiful inside, and that’s all that matters to real people. Remember that you live to experience the world and make your own choices, not to pressurize into conforming to artificial morals or ideals. Keep that unlimited strength and energy you have inside you and enjoy all positive experiences, because you deserve to”
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