Till The Well Runs Dry….


This well has run dry. It has given its last drop. Bet you never thought it would happen. Each day. You came. Drank. Had your fill. Now. All that remains is a hollow, dry, and severely parched vessel. Which, in it’s prime. Was filled. And flowing. With the most precious resource you had. “You never miss the water until the well runs dry” literally applies. I hope you miss it. No. As a matter of fact. I know you will.

I believe. One day. You will be extremely thirsty. For the nourishment it once provided. The sanctuary it afforded. You will be reminded. There was a time. When you drank freely. Quenched your thirst.  Not necessarily in a physical sense. But. You felt safe. Emotionally content. Loved. Wanted. Needed. An indescribable feeling. Only experienced. By those smart enough. To appreciate its true meaning.

But you took it for granted. Assumed it will always be there. Ready. At your beck and call. You didn’t really appreciate it. Did you? You couldn’t. I think you tried to. I hope you did at some point. But that’s just the fool in me. Desperately seeking some sort of peace. But. Its gone. Every last bit. Time to start digging. In hopes of replacing what’s been lost. To replenish. Perhaps in a place, where it will be appreciated.

And now. You must go. Search of it elsewhere. I am satisfied. In knowing, even if you find another. It will fade in comparison. To what you once had. We both know it. Maybe, just maybe. On your journey. You will learn to appreciate things and people. For what they bring to your life. Not take them for granted. Not abuse the trust and love, they placed in your care. But that’s another story. For another time. To be written by you. For I will only be speculating, if I take it any further.

Go on. You are free now. Good luck on your journey.

Until the next post,



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