“You’ve Changed”


Really. How so? I am sorry. But, I think you meant to say I have stopped living life on your terms. Stopped being a doormat. Finally stood up for myself. Retake control of my life. And declutter it. Of situations. People. And things. Which no longer serve me any good.  Because there comes a point in life. Where you just have to take a good, hard look. At the people around you. And make the decision. Not to put up their malarkey anymore. So. My dear. If that’s what you meant by “You’ve changed”. Then yes. You are right. I have.

Have you been there? Sure you have. You’ve heard: “You know, you’ve changed. You’re not the same person anymore”. Ha-ha. How funny! Chances are. If the person is self-serving. The convo will go something like this:” I don’t think I like this side of you at all. Where did you go? I miss the old you”. And on the flip side. A genuine, caring person will probably say: “Finally, you’re standing up for yourself. I like what I see. Carry on! There is no stopping you”

The last time I heard the words: “You’ve changed”, I took time. To examine my relationship with them. Going back a good couple of years. Why? Because I have noticed. It’s usually after some time, of putting up with their antics. That you wake up one day.  Greeted by a huge epiphany. And say “Enough”.  The decision to change. Any relationship is never easy. However. Only you will know. When the time is right. To truly do so.

So. I am willing to bet. One day’s wage. You’ve heard these words. How did you handle it? What was the outcome? There is a great chance. You second guessed your decision (s). It’s fine. A lot depends on the person’s place and role in your life. Whatever the outcome. I hope it brought you peace. I hope you saw a difference. In the way you live your life. The dreams that have come through. And the ones, you’re still pursuing. Be happy. With yourself. And your decisions. It’s very liberating. Not to be a prisoner. To anyone. Or anything.

It’s normally. The people who have taken a lot. Caused tremendous strain in your life.  Whose actions contributed to unhappiness. Who will not be happy with the new “Change”. Fine. We all need a better support system. People who uplift. Love without conditions. Compliment. Not criticize. Withhold unrighteous judgments. You catch the drift.

So, next time someone says to you “You’ve changed”. Stop. Listen. Process it. And take a good look at the person saying it. Might just be the wakeup call you need.

Until the next post,



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