Think kindly. Be patient. Smile often. Appreciate the special times. Discover new friends. Find old ones. Tell your friends and family you love them. Everyday. Feel with your heart. Forget the daily grind. Have faith. Keep growing. Be carefree. Look for blessings in the most unlikely places. Seek out miracles. Make them happen. Try not to worry. Give to others. Trust again. Pick some roses. Give them away. Make and keep a promise. Appreciate the rainbows. Stargaze. People watch. See beauty in the world around you. Work harder. Listen to the wise. Make an effort to understand. Make time for others. Laugh with heart. Spread happiness. Take a risk. Reach out to others. Let them in. Be gentle sometimes. Do something you’ve never done before. See a sunset. Give yourself a pat on the back. Dance in the rain. Listen to thunder. Revisit old memories. It’s okay to cry. Have joy in life. Dry someone’s tears. Learn from others. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Sing at the top of your lungs. Celebrate the moments in life. You wont always have them.

Until the next post,



About gypsy04http://www.chindeepinlife.comIslander first. American second. A daughter. A friend. Grad Student. Budding Poet. Likes to Travel. Love to laugh. Never argues with an idiot. I blaze my own trail. Hate to follow. Likes quite times. Love to watch the sun rise and set. No one can take my place....Favorite quote :"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything,without losing your temper or self-confidence" Robert Frost

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