Recently. I was blessed. With a very tender experience. Spending time in the company of Susy. And her ridiculously adorable baby boy.What a sweet occasion. When I lived in Miami, Susy and I belong to a very close-knit group of friends. The first to become a parent. She is an awesome mom. I’m always moved. When I witness the love of a mother towards her baby. No doubt. I will have more tender moments. Because another one of us is getting married next year. Bring on the babies.

During one of the occasions I was left alone with Kai. I took a long, good look at him. As I gazed at his angelic face. I was reminded of the value and sanctity of life. Its the greatest expression of trust. By a loving Heavenly Father. Charging parents with the sacred and humble responsibility. To love. And care for his precious children. If you’re a parent reading this. Please. Dont take this responsibility lightly. I’m sure. On many days. It’s very overwhelming. Keep at it. The rewards are innumerable. They are YOURS. Given to you. For reasons. You might not know. Or understand. At this time.

Whenever I hold a baby. I get teased. “You’re a natural Juan”. “When are you going to have your own?”. “You need to get busy woman”. This time is no different. In the past. With youth on my side. I brushed aside the teasing. Now. I chalk it up to God’s will. Which is true. However, I rarely let on. That I’ve given the idea of parenthood a lot of thought. I mean. What will my child look like? Tall like me? As for personality traits. Which ones will dominate? Maybe a combination of both? How and where will we raise our child? Etc. My family is prone to twins. What if the father of my child is too? Naw…..

I don’t want a sports team. That’s a certainty. One pregnancy. Will cure me. However. For one reason or another. I’ve not been blessed with this sacred responsibility. Time will tell. Maybe one day. I will experience. The joy. Of knowing. What it means. To love someone more than life itself. In the meantime. I can live vicariously through my siblings. And friends. Right now though. I will continue to work on myself. I’m not there yet. But I’m closer than I was yesterday.

Until the next post,



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