A Prelude.To His Kiss.

He pulled me gently towards him. Instinctively. I buried my face in his chest. A rich, alluring scent flirted with my senses. Obsession. By CK. He dwarfed me. By almost a foot. I felt protected. Cradled in his warm embrace. Finally we drew back. We needed to breathe. Independently. Our hands remained loosely wrapped around each other. My eyes travelled upwards. And clashed with his heated gaze. A gamut of indescribable emotions assaulted me. My pulse quickened. Could he feel my heart doing somersaults in my chest? My eyes. I’ve been told. Are very expressive. Right now. I hope that’s the case. I hope he saw how much I love him. How much I appreciate his kindness. The gentle way he responds to my needs. I’m overwhelmed by my feelings for him. Our gazes lock.Time is suspended. To my dismay, my throat constricts. And tears moistened my lashes. In an effort to keep them at bay, I blinked rapidly. And cleared my throat. I failed. Miserably. A traitorous tear trickled down my cheek. Followed by another. Causing a cloud of worry to flitter across his features. He was trying to understand.

An eternity passed. Finally, I opened my mouth to give a cheeky explanation. Then snapped it shut. Because a look of pure joy lit up his face. He knew. And I knew. He knew. Without breaking eye contact. He lightly caressed my cheek. And used his thumb, to gently brush my tears away. Undone by his touch. All I could do was give a weak smile. He returned it. His gaze became heated again. I felt a familiar weakness beginning to build in my stomach. I knew what was coming. The corners of his mouth drew slightly upward.  His hands framed my face. And brought it closer to his. I couldn’t resist. Did not want to. I looked down for a second. That’s when I felt warm lips touch my forehead. And my nose. Then nothing. I looked up. Quickly. For I missed the contact. Our eyes found one another again. I smiled. Our breaths mingled. A sigh escaped me. At least I thought it was mine. It was the last thing I remembered. Right before I closed my eyes. And raised my lips to meet his. They met. Gentle, and tentative at first. Then became more fevered. The weak feeling intensified. Then I remembered. Just like the first. “It’s” in his kiss.

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About gypsy04http://www.chindeepinlife.comIslander first. American second. A daughter. A friend. Grad Student. Budding Poet. Likes to Travel. Love to laugh. Never argues with an idiot. I blaze my own trail. Hate to follow. Likes quite times. Love to watch the sun rise and set. No one can take my place....Favorite quote :"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything,without losing your temper or self-confidence" Robert Frost

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