Monthly Archives: July 2012

1st In 1st

Recently, I decided to record all the “firsts” in my life. Time passes. And what do you know? Memories fade. Details become fuzzy. Last Thursday, omw from the UK to the USA. I flew first class. For the first time. My curiosity…

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WARNING: Your-Time-Has-Expired!

In my post about having No Regrets , I alluded to my horoscope being correct. Call me cheesy. Now, I can’t resist glossing over them. Just to be sure. Yep. True.Uh-huh :). In days, I’ll be back on US soil. While writing this post, I…

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It’s.Yours. Own.It

Until a few years ago, I relied on others for self acceptance. And self-love. I worked hard for this. I was like a piano in the hands of an accomplished pianist. Dramatic changes have since occurred. Hello there. I woke up….

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