Hello World!

After many years away from the blogging world, I decided the time was right to make  a second attempt at it. I am not one to update on every daily, minute aspect of my life. Some things are better left unsaid, besides my family and close friends know most of what is happening in my life, so there is no need to broadcast it here. However, I realize that I have many,many friends, some of whom I do not get to talk to very often. It is my hope that this blog will lessen the divide which exists between us.

So why another attempt? First of all, I am not good at keeping up with daily diary/journal entries, as a matter-of-fact, I totally suck at it!. A blog is a good way to keep a record,albeit a partial one, of life’s events and moments. I figure that between this blog and my feeble attempt at keeping a journal, I should have something to share with my kids and grand kids when they do come along. A few entries per week should suffice.

Secondly, I like to write. I still remember the first time I discovered this interest. Many moons ago, I was sitting in a fifth form English class at Marriaqua Secondary School (it has been renamed to St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua), and my English teacher chose my story among others, to read to the class. Needless to say it was a proud moment and monster was created! During the adolescent-young adult years, I dabbled in writing off and on, but sadly,because my family moved around so much, my original writings got lost. A few years ago I began to write again, and this time things are different.

Last,but not least, I am having one of the most interesting and best years of my life, and I want to keep track of it all! It certainly took a long time, but it came none too soon. The past few months have been filled with one adventure after another. I know there is more to come. Dreams have been fulfilled, the blessings have been many. Doors have been opened that no one else but God can close. More to come.

I look forward to hearing from my followers, reading your candid comments, but more importantly continuing my friendships with you, regardless of it’s nature, from here into the eternities. I truly hope that my words will help you in a small way. Enjoy life. Live. Love. Laugh. Be Happy. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. In the words of Martin H. Fischer:”Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth”



7 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hi Friend, how are you, well I guess I should’t ask that question, you sound wonderful, sound like you are wonderfully happy, I am so happy for you, so email me back and let me know the answers to the questions I am wondering about, you know what my questions are (smile) Juan you are awsome sure do miss you.


    1. Wonderful to hear from you! I miss you too! I will have to make the necessary sacrifices to visit your family sometime over the next near. I know the answers that you seek and I am sorry to disappoint you,but life has not worked out in that aspect for me.I continue to enjoy life for what it is and for the things that I have been given. You will be one of the first to know. Promise. Thanks for thinking about me. Be well. All the best to your family and amazingly beautiful kids! Will be in touch.


  2. Juan!!!!! 🙂
    That is sooo funny that you sent me the email today. I was just talking to Blondine a few minutes ago about how we need to check up on you to see how you are doing! I love how you write and look forward to being a faithful follower of your blog! We love you so much and miss you terribly!


    1. Dardhielle,

      I love you and your family a bunch!. Such wonderful examples to everyone you meet. I am doing good.The weather has been superb the last few weeks. I am on a month break from school,but looking forward to a visit to the US ( Boston & NY) in the next few weeks. Thanks for staying in touch. I am blessed to know each of you. Be well.


  3. Hi Juan: Glad you are doing well. We miss you. Life has been very hectic.

    You have a talent for writing- may want to go in that direction!!




    1. Annie,

      It’s always nice to hear from one of my main and closest supporters! Thanks for the kind words. I finally began the process of publishing my book. Look for it on a bookshelf near you by the summer. I miss so many of my friends in the 305, so it’s always gratifying when I hear from them!
      Take care and thanks for being a part of my life.

      Love you,


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